The next September 23-24 arrives in Cascais one of the 4 most prestigious tests in the world of ULTRAMARATHON as far as swimming trips are concerned.

In addition, during this weekend will be held tests at different distances, from 1 km to 20 km, which will cover the distance from Lisbon to Cascais.

There will also be tests for children between 200 and 400 meters swimming. All the distances and routes can now be found on the organization's website https://3ironsports.com/en/swim-challenge/

From Triathlon News we interviewed Jorge Pereira, Race Director of the Lisbon Cascais Challenge swim

What does it mean for you that Cascais becomes part of the Ultramarathon Swim Series?

Image of Jorge Pereira training an award for Bruno Pais
Image of Jorge Pereira training an award for Bruno Pais

It is an honor to be in a restricted group of 4 races, 3 of them with an incredible history and world references.

In this way, we contribute to showing the world the potential of Portugal for open water swimming, rehabilitating memories of the past, incredible feats that occurred in these waters, when King D. Carlos received the heroes of those times in Cascais, as we see in the reports from 1905.

How did it all start to become part of this prestigious circuit today?

If we go back to the origin, it would be 2015 when we began a close relationship with WOWSA, always based on the admiration for the professional work they offer swimmers for open water swimming.

This last year we have been very committed to collaborating with this organization, mainly because there is close knowledge about the future of endurance events, ultramarathons, marathons and extreme challenges for swimmers.

FINA no longer organizes the 25 km world circuit and WOWSA assumes leadership of the World Series.

The launch of the Ultramarathon Swim Series is the result of this joint effort and as a natural consequence we created the 20-kilometre Lisbon-Cascais Crossing.

What does it mean for you that Cascais becomes part of the prestigious Ultramarathon Swim Series?

Being able to be part of one of the 4 most recognized in the world in swimming journeys is a recognition of the quality of the organization of the event.

What is the differential value of this test for those who participate?


It offers the athlete a different experience of swimming in open water, not only because of the place in which it takes place, but also because of having the possibility of participating in a world-renowned international event.

The test will take place on September 23 starting at the Belém pier in Lisbon and ending at Pescadores beach in Cascais

All the information in: https://swim-challenge.com/provas/travessia-lisboa-cascais-20km/

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