Virginia Berasategui tested positive in the Bilbao triathlon but will request a counter-analysis

Virginia Berasategui tested positive for doping at the end of the last Bilbao triathlon, celebrated the past 18 of May. The Biscay, who received the notification yesterday, swill perform a counter-analysis, for which he has a period of three days, as explained from his family in a conversation with the newspaper El Correo.



Berasategui, of 37 years, is in the final stretch of his professional career, as it will end his career at the end of this season, as announced at an emotional press conference last April.


The athlete from Bilbao has already more than two decades in the world of triathlon and has an enviable track record. It was the first and so far the unique spanish to be among the first three in the Hawaii Ironman, in 2009, has three national championships (1995, 1996 and 2009) two continental (2009 and 2010) and a long distance world (2003), among many other prestigious tests, which have led him to be considered the reference and the most illustrious representative of the triple modality in Spain.


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