Do you have a question to ask Javier Gómez Noya?

La International Triathlon Federation (ITU) makes it easy for you. From today and during this week you can make inquiries through your personal Twitter profile to Javier Gómez Noya.




Noya is presented today as one of the great triathletes in the history of Spanish triathlon, multiple world champion, as well as silver at the London Olympic Games.


The Ferrolano triathlete will make his debut in Half Challenge Barcelona the next May 19 where you will see in a "face to face"Together with another of the great triathletes in the history of Triathlon (Chris McCormack).



Do you want to know how a world champion trains? Do you want to know your goals for this 2013? Do you want to know how an elite triathlete feeds, how do you adapt to climatic changes and schedules in international competitions?

Everything you can think of will be able to consult you simply by adding #ITUhangout to your query


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