22-year-old South Korean triathlete commits suicide after being abused by her coaches

The young triathlete committed suicide last week after being abused for a long time by her coach and a team doctor.

It was bronze medal in June categoryr at the 2015 Asian Triathlon Championships in Taipei, she was found dead in her team's dorm in Busan.

The young triathlete Choi Suk-hyeon, 22, suffered beatings, psychological abuse and harassment. He had filed several complaints about these events.

The athlete had lamented that many colleagues refused to testify about these episodes.

Various South Korean media claim that Choi Suk-hyeon rHe made recordings of the physical attacks received.

In a document released by the YTN chain, you hear your coach getting angry because he had gained weight: «You should avoid eating for three days. Clench your teeth". Then there is the sound of a slap.

«If you get mad, tomorrow I'll give you another lesson«, Is then heard in the technician's voice. One day they forced her to buy bread worth $ 166 and eat it for gaining weight, according to her father.

It has also transcended the message that Choi left for his mother, asking him to «reveal the sins»From their attackers. In Choi's diary you can read phrases like «I have been attacked in such a violent way ... that I cry every day. I'd rather die after being hit like a dog«.

The Korean Triathlon Federation issued a statement in which it assured that it would take action against the alleged abusers and expressed its «deep condolences« to Choi's family and friends.

For its part, the International Federation also reported that it has contacted the Federation and the South Korean Olympic Committee to collect all the information available on this case.

The highest triathlon body recalls that the International Federation Group Against Abuses and Harassment has also contacted the South Korean Federation to ensure that, while the investigation is carried out, all triathletes are protected and safe.

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