The Albacete Res Triathlon is proclaimed Spanish Mixed Relay Duathlon Champion 2024

La National League of Duathlon Clubs 2024 of the Spanish Triathlon Federation held its second day in Albacete with the dispute of the Spanish Duathlon Championships for Mixed Relays, in which the local club made history by winning its first absolute collective national title.

victory Albacete Res Triathlon, in front Penota Dental Alusigma y CEA Bétera, as the closing of a few days of Duathlon with a lot of atmosphere in the center of the Castilian-La Mancha capital.

All results can be consulted here.

 Andrés Hilario, first reliever of the Albacete Res Triathlon; In the first segment, he began to write a race script that would have variations behind as the competition progressed.

Hilario handed over the baton to Miriam Andreu in first position, with little margin compared to not so aspiring clubs, and a certain distance from Pelayo González, who passed the baton from Peñota Dental Alusigma to Maite Jiménez Orta.

Behind them the table was organized, with a thriving CEA Bétera, after the replacements of Miguel Risco and Ghizlane Assou; and several candidates fighting for the podium.

 Halfway through the competition, with the third relievers in the race, Abraham García kept the Albacete Res Triathlon options very alive, threatened by a large cycling segment in which Peñota Dental Alusigma also resisted with Ander Michelena; while CEA Bétera and Cidade de Lugo Fluvial, with Héctor Tolsá and Nacho Gálvez respectively, advanced positions.

The race would be decided in the last relay, and a great race by Madalena Amaral Fortes unleashed local euphoria with the Albacete triumph.

Paula del Pozo won the silver medal for Peñota Dental Alusigma, and Noelia Juan placed CEA Bétera in the third place on the podium.

 The Albacete Res Triathlon was proclaimed Spanish Mixed Relay Duathlon champion with a time of 1:14:54, ahead of Peñota Dental Alusigma's 1:15:07, and CEA Bétera's 1:15:24.

Fourth position in the championship went to Cidade de Liga Fluvial, which included Esteban Basanta, Ana Gómez, Nacho Gálvez and Natalia Castro; and fifth place for the Tri Infinity Móstoles, with Aitor Díaz, Lauren Dickson, Adrián Salto and María Varo. 

Open Mixed Relay and popular Duathlon 

On Sunday morning, the Spanish Open Mixed Relay Duathlon Championship was also held, in which the Squali Carabanchel Triathlon won with a time of 1:22:38; ahead of the Lacerta Triathlon, with a record of 1:23:04; and EQTR Rodacal Beyem from La Roda, third with 1:23:09. Al-Fanadic Triathlon Club and VAS Sports Club occupied fourth and fifth position respectively.

 The first two races of the morning were the popular Duathlon of Albacete, with massive participation of athletes from Albacete and clubs from all over Castilla La Mancha, as well as representatives from the different clubs from all over Spain participating in the weekend championships.

More than 300 athletes in two male and one female outings, who were also able to enjoy the competition in the FETRI environment in the Abelardo Sánchez park.

There are no previous results.

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