Triathlon is the King sport in Spain. 6 data you did not know

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With the double achieved by Mario Mola and Javier Gómez Noya in the WTS, the TRIarmada raises the triathlon to the highest sport in Spain if we look at the results of world championships.

Why is Triathlon the King sport?

* Javier Gomez Noya achieved his tenth elite medal ITU (5 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze) being the triathlete with more metals and SPANISH SPORTS WITH MORE MEDALS in an Olympic sport. 

* Javier Gomez Noya is the Spanish athlete with more 5 world champions in the same sport and discipline 

* Noya, Mola, Alarza and Raña total 15 worldwide among the 4 in different disciplines.

 * With the Mola World Championship yesterday, Spain is positioned as third world power of all time with 8 gold. 

* Spain is the The world's first triathlon power in the men's category of the 21st century with 8 possible 17 titles, almost 50% 

*The last 5 years the world cup has been won by a Spaniard... something that has never happened in any Olympic sport.

Photo Mola ITU / Wagner Araujo



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