Triathlon News leads Social Networks in Spain

The average profile of the Triathlete who visits our Facebook is Spanish with an age between 24 and 35 years

With less than a year of experience, Triathlon News has positioned itself in the leading group of Triathlon online media, which is only exceeded in the number of visits by the news website, which maintains its leadership intact in recent years, according to data collected in

On the other hand, Triathlon News with its more than 8000 "real" followers on its social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Google +), and through its different applications such as the "Tri-Toolbar" for the browser or the Mobile application for Android , today becomes a benchmark in our sport.

The profile of our visitor on Facebook has the age of 24 and 35 years, a stable profile that increases in a balanced way from month to month and also always locates in Spain, which guarantees the reliability of the union process of our followers.

Twitter is presented as our booming channel, where we have more than 2500 followers and that continues to grow continuously thanks to the work done and the excellent response and feedback from our fans who are passionate about our sport.

Are you curious to know the origin and age of the followers?

To see the origin of the followers of a web page you have to click on the tab that appears in the main window where you put the number (if it is hidden in the drop-down side tab) and there you can be informed of the number of visitors, age and origin of the same in real time.

But this is not all, we want to continue improving and offering quality content.

For this we put at your disposal an email address where you can send us your comments and suggestions.

We thank you for the trust placed in Triathlon News and we continue working to offer you the best promotions, contests, advice for the popular triathlete, recommendations from our physiotherapist, but above all we continue working to offer you the most up-to-date information.

We wish you all a happy and "triathletic" summer!

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