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Enjoy the May Bridge at the XXII Sanitas Triathlon in Seville

On Sunday 29 in April will celebrate the XXII edition of the Sanitas Triathlon of Seville, an ideal event to travel to the Andalusian capital taking advantage of the 1 bridge in May.

El Sanitas triathlon de Sevilla is one of Spanish triathlon classics that this year reaches its XXII edition. Last season there were more than 1.500 triathletes competing among all categories and distances, this year is expected to exceed the 2000 in what is the first major triathlon of the year of all that are held in the great capitals of Spain.

The city of Sevilla will become the center of the Andalusian and national triathlon during the days of the May bridge, the test is held on Sunday 29, and remember that the May 1 is the festive throughout the Spanish territory, so the date of the competition is ideal for the assistance of triathletes from all over Spain and take a few days of travel to know Seville and enjoy triathlon.

Sevilla It is the fourth largest city in Spain and one of the most visited by tourists. Triathletes and companions who travel to Seville in addition to competing in the XXII Sanitas triathlon, you can also take advantage to know the city and some of its historical places like la Cathedral, la Giralda, el Alcazar y el Archive de Indiesdeclared Equity shares de la Humanity awarded by the Unesco It also highlights the Plaza of Spain, the Torre del Oro or the bullring of the Real Maestranza de Chivalry, among many other places.

El Sanitas Triatlon of Seville will have its entire epicenter in the Park of the Alamillo, on the Isla de la Cartuja, where the boxes and the finish will be located. The Parque del Alamillo is a natural environment with a rich flora, which include willows, poplars and holm oaks. The swimming segment will be carried out in the Guadarquivir river, with departure and arrival in the CEAR de Cartuja, the circuit will be between the bridges of Alamillo and Barqueta. Then the triathletes will face the cyclist segment, with a flat circuit and practically without curves that make it really safe, where most of the circuit runs through a straight line in the av Carlos III. Finally the foot race runs between the CEAR and the environment of Park of the Alamillo.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Sanitas Triathlon of Seville It is an ideal option for everyone, with different types of competitions and distances.

For those who start in the sport of transitions or prefer shorter distances is the option of Super Sprint Triathlon (350m swimming + 10 km of cycling + 2,5 of running race) or the Sprint (750-20-5). While it also offers the possibility of contesting a triathlon Olympic (1500-40-10) so you want to run longer distances ... or make your debut in triathlon through the big door!

On the other hand there is the possibility of covering the distance of a triathlon, in this case Super Sprint (350-10-2,5) in relay teams where each athlete makes a segment.

And finally, the fifth option to dispute the Sanitas Triathlon of Seville is the in Triathlon of Equality (also in Super Sprint distance), crossing the finish line with your partner.

Seville offers an incomparable setting to travel and compete on the May bridge: Triathlon and tourism, so if you still do not have plans for these days you already know the ideal place to enjoy your favorite sport and travel with family or friends ... to whom You can also encourage them to participate thanks to the large number of options offered by the Sanitas Triatlón de Sevilla.

More information: http: //www.triatlondesevilla.com

Photo: Espmar

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