The TRICV celebrates the Annual Triathlon Gala 2022

José Hidalgo, President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, accompanied the regional President, Vanessa Huesa, throughout the day.

On Saturday, December 17, there was an intense day of triathlon in the Valencian Community, in which the Federation worked hard so that all the people who make up this sport were represented throughout the day.

The town of Cullera, and specifically the Casa de la Cultura, would be the venue chosen to host the entire triathlon representation of the community, from early in the morning, and until the end of the day.

TRICV Technical Conference

Thus, the Gala that we celebrated starting at 18:9.30 p.m. was preceded by the TRICV Technical Conference, which opened at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. with a presentation by Vicent Torres dedicated to “Control, programming, and quantification of training from of blood lactate tests.

Some conferences that would deal with diverse and broad themes of sport in general, and specifically in the field of triathlon, as the speakers demonstrated as the morning progressed. We would continue with the experience of the triathlete Vicente Jara and his coach Marcos Greus, in his presentation: «From triathlon to paratriathlon. A sinuous T3”.

The third presentation was dedicated to women and high performance, by Carolina Muñoz, Technical Director of the Madrid Triathlon Federation. And we ended the day with a subject of rabid news in the world of sport, generating controversy and disparate opinions, dealt with by Ximo Rubert, under the title: "Women, sport, intersex and transgender, the future is already here, is the future ?».

The ordinary Assembly would occupy noon on Saturday. The members of the same were accompanied by the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, who would thus show his support for the triathlon of the Valencian Community, accompanying the Board of Directors of this Federation and all the assembly members, until the end of the meeting.

In the Assembly, Vanessa Huesa presented the different projects for next year, and the calendar and venues for the next season were also ratified, which will start on January 15 in Cheste, with the first test of the Caixa Popular Clubs League.

Sports Games Gala and TRICV Annual Gala

Starting at 18:21 p.m., the leading role was for our triathletes. The TRICV 22-XNUMX Sports Games Gala started, in which the work of schoolchildren was rewarded in the categories and in the provincial rankings of Castellón, Valencia and Alicante, in addition to the regional ranking.

In the same act, the prizes were awarded to the schools within the 'Escola de Qualitat' Seal, which rewarded a total of 22 schools.

The gala closed with a special mention to the 24 paratriathletes who have been part of the JJEE 21-22. A deserved recognition of the work of the boys and girls, and also to their families who accompany them in each training and competition.

The President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, José Hidalgo, spoke at the end of the gala, together with Vanessa Huesa. José Hidalgo thanked the effort of all the schoolchildren and referred to the importance and growth of the school sport of triathlon.

A sport in capital letters, which it is today, compared to the reality of the beginnings when athletes started from swimming, or athletics or cycling to start triathlon. Vanessa Huesa thanked everyone: schools, families and triathletes for the work of the entire school year that was effectively revealed at the gala.

After 19.30:2022 p.m. in the afternoon it was the turn of the TRICV XNUMX Annual Gala that rewarded adult triathletes.

The job was done. Each and every attendee celebrated the season by getting on the podium of the provincial circuits of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia; also from the Non-Drafting Cup; as well as the Lliga de Clubs Caixa Popular.

To all of them, men and women of our sport, were added the 15 special mentions. All of them important, opening in the first place, the recognition of the best triathlete and the best triathlete of the year: Roberto Sánchez and Noelia Juan.

Mention delivered by the President of the Spanish Triathlon Federation, in the company of the President of the Triathlon Federation of the Valencian Community.

At the closing of the Gala, recognition was made to our absolute team, proclaimed this year Champion of Spain by Autonomies.

The recognition was delivered by the General Director of Esports, Josep Miquel Moya; and the Mayor of Cullera, Jordi Mayor. With them we put the finishing touch to this season, already thinking about the start of the next one.

The local club, CT Cullera, and the Mayor of the city received recognition for their annual collaboration with the triathlon, and specifically in this important event. Again Vanessa Huesa dedicated the last words to the triathletes.

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