Trimadrid draws two numbers for the TriGrandPrix de Navarra

Trimadrid raffles two numbers for the TriGrandPrix Navarra to be held on July 2 and 3 at Camping Aritzaleku, located in the Alloz Reservoir, Lerate Navarra.

All the information of the test can be found in this link


Once you have decided in which modality you want to participate you have to do the following:

  1. If your distance is the Sprint: go to this page, click on "Like" and comment why you want to participate in this triathlon
  2. On the other hand, if you are from long distances, you have to go to this other page, click on "Like" and comment: Why do you want to participate in this triathlon?
  3. This draw DO NOT belongs to Facebook, belongs only and exclusively to and to the company that gives the prize. At no time will Facebook have any responsibility for said draw.
  4. It begins on June 6 and will end on 22 from June to 00: 00. On June 23 the prize winner will be published.
  5. Each contestant who correctly fulfills the requirements mentioned above, will be assigned a number that will be published on the web, and then a random number will be chosen through the page

* (If you are not federated you must pay the sports insurance for the test)

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