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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Last day of registration for the Duathlon of Jarama, 3º test of the Korona Madrid Triathlon

You can compete in two distances, the MD Duathlon and the Olympic Duathlon

Today 20 of March is the last day of inscriptions for the third test of the circuit Korona Madrid Triathlon ,he Duathlon of the Jarama, which will be played on Sunday March 24 in the town of Madrid Source the Sanz

The competition has two distances to choose

MIDDLE DISTANCE: 15 - 60 - 7'5. Two initial laps of race + 4 cycling laps of 15 kms + 1 lap of 7,5 kms running to finish.

OLYMPIC DISTANCE: 10 - 45 - 5. Two initial race laps + 3 cycling laps of 15 kms + 1 lap of 5 kms running to finish.

The test, both without drafting in the cycling sector, the highway will be played on the highway M111, two lane plus the shoulder in each direction, which will be cut to traffic to 100% for the safety of duathletes.

Zona Transition duathlon Jarama
Jarama duathlon cycling area
second transition duathlon Jarama

Further information: www.koronamadrid.com

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