A model of Federative Management

"We have laid the foundations of a solid foundation for stable federative growth thanks to a committed team, future projects are now a reality" 


Virginia Sanz, candidate for the Presidency of the Madrid Federation of Triathlon

Since the year 2000 when TRIATLON became an Olympic Sport with its first appointment in Sydney, this sport has not stopped growing exponentially, which has generated a maximum level of demand for territorial federations in the management of the resources to adapt to this growth in the number of federative licenses, competitions and other administrative tasks of the federation, even with subsidies from Public Organizations being reduced.


The Madrilenian Triathlon Federation is presented as a management model, a federation that is mature in experience but at the same time young and dynamic in spirit, a committed team that has managed to manage resources to the maximum to accommodate all athletes, clubs and organizers. He has always tried to give the best answer in order to continue growing together.


Excellent work has been carried out from the departments that comprise it, Technical Directorate, Competitions and General Secretariat, which has been manifested in the creation of a solid work structure that has resulted in the execution of the objectives that are now a reality .


For Iñaki Arenal (Technical Director) "Despite the economic difficulties to carry out a solid project in the Tecnificación program that started at 2007, we have made great progress in recent years, such as the increase in the number of triathletes in the category federated minors, to have a School Selection of Madrid from the beginning of the Spanish School Championships and to be able to help the clubs in the organization of minors' tests. "


"In this 2012 we have planned with the program" Madrid Olympic Community "to reach 40 schools distributed in the Community of Madrid thus approaching more than 2.000 children to let them know about this sport, they are our future"


Another notable department for its management capacity and adaptation to a growing volume of work that has managed to organize its structure to be able to manage it has been that of Competitions. For David García, Director of Competitions, "Thanks to the online registration program developed as well as licenses with payment tpv, we have been able to greatly streamline the management of administrative tasks, without the need to incur an additional expense of hiring personnel for these tasks and thus being able to assign part of the budget to clubs and competition organizers, which has given us the possibility of continuing to grow, support the various bodies that make up this federation and consolidate our department as a benchmark in management model. "


For Virginia Sanz, General Secretary, "The work of recent years has been based on laying the foundations of a solid foundation for stable federative growth."


"We have a quarry of triathletes in younger ages who have achieved great results at the national level and who are the future of our sport, the ability to manage large volumes of work thanks to the development of various computer applications, a large number of competitions at the national level. autonomy that place us at the head as well as a great repercussion in the media thanks to the work carried out by our own press office in search of giving the greatest repercussion to our athletes and clubs and that also helps us in the search for new sponsorship agreements and collaboration to guarantee a growth base due to the reduction (55% in the last three years by the Community of Madrid and total disappearance by the Madrid City Council) of public subsidies. "


Thanks to all this previous work done by all this team for the next Olympic cycle based on the candidacy for the presidency of Virginia Sanz in the next few years, it is foreseen to continue with the development of programs of formation and promotion of minors with the objective of having a Own Technification School. On the other hand, the participation incentive of popular and federated triathletes in various competitions will be taken into account and the commitment with the different organizers will be maintained in order to be able to give economic support and offer a wide range of places to compete, with circuits of the highest quality at triathletes, as well as continue to work continuously in the communication of this growing sport for the search for new agreements both private sponsorships and various collaborations to sustain this structure until today and continue to grow in the same way

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