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A triathlete will travel 3 Ironman followed in benefit of one affected by Rett Syndrome

The athlete Víctor Manuel Cerdà will perform the equivalent of more than three Ironmans -some 927 kilometers in the three triathlon races, 12 kilometers by swimming, 745 kilometers by bicycle and 170 kilometers running in four stages- touring the province of Valencia, in benefit of María Ferre, a girl affected by Rett Syndrome and the investigation of this rare disease.

Between the 10 and 14 days in October, the 'Trirettoman' charity race will be held in the province of Valencia, a sporting event that the athletes Víctor Manuel Cerdà and Raúl Zurriaga will take on. The latter will travel the road of El Cid running -563 kilometers- and will join Cerdà in the last 170 kilometers of running, from Montanejos to Valencia, as reported by the Provincial Council of Valencia in a statement on Friday.

The deputy for Youth and Sports of the Valencia Provincial Council, Miguel Bailach, presented this "tough and innovative" sporting challenge this morning at the provincial corporation, together with Víctor Manuel Cerdà, Raúl Zurriaga and Josele Ferre, father of the girl who has originated the design of this initiative.

"It is worth highlighting their effort, and that is why the Provincial Council wants to be with them in this test that involves a spectacular mental and physical effort, since we are talking about 12 kilometers swimming, 745 kilometers by bicycle and 170 kilometers running in four stages" , Bailach has highlighted.

María is a 13-aged girl who suffers from Rett Syndrome since the 18 months, a disease that affects one of each 15.000 births of live girls and that has caused her to have a 87 percent disability.

The girl's father, Josele Ferre, explained that “when the disease begins to progress, you see how little by little she goes from being a normal girl to stop running and walking. María entered a regressive state that we did not know what she was responding to until we already had a diagnosis, after a year and a half ”.

“One day, by chance, I went out for a run with her in the cart to the river, in Valencia, and I saw that this stimulated her because of her happy face, her gestures and that then the episodes of autism disappeared,” Josele stated. So that motivated me to continue doing it for her and to make this disease known."

As he has expressed, "disabled children exist, something must be done for them and also show that no matter how disabled they have, they can do things" and he has insisted that with his personal case he wants to "advance the cure of this disease in time, make possible its investigation and treatment, making it known”.


Víctor Manuel Cerdà embarks on a new solidary adventure: tour the province of Valencia performing the equivalent of more than three Ironmans for it. He will be the first to do a test of this style, he will only have three days to do it, and the best thing is that he will try his best for a great cause, to help María Ferre with Rett Syndrome.

To perform this challenge, you can hardly rest. Will face the hardness of the night, the fatigue accumulated by the passage of hours of continuous effort and, especially to the magnitude of 'Rett-o', 927 kilometers in three very tough sports.

Another member of Cazarettos, an association that carries out extreme challenges for solidary causes, Raúl Zurriaga, will walk the path of El Cid running. In total 563 kilometers of hope, joining the challenge Trirettoman to perform all together the last 170 kilometers of running, from Montanejos to Valencia.

The friendship that unites Raúl with Josele Ferre, the father of María, made him pose a challenge of greater distance for the 2012 in order to spread and publicize the Rett Syndrome. The 9 of October will leave from Orihuela until Valencia the 14 of October, in a maximum of 130 hours. Sacrifice, tremendous effort and extreme physical and psychological struggle that these challengers will face that is beyond human limits.

Victor Cerdá and Raúl Zurriaga are the creators of this project. His good work and his experience are reflected in a perfect organization. Your supplies, logistics and preparation will be in charge of a team consisting of seven people: Ramón, Jesús, Vicente, Abel, Alan, Marcos and Josele.


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