An all-out triathlon, 15 miles by swim, 115 by bike and 13 by foot.


Triathlete Borja Ortiz, a lifeguard on Somo beach, managed to successfully overcome the peculiar triathlon he performed alone. The Cantabrian took 16 hours and 30 minutes to swim 15 kilometers, 115 by bicycle and 13 on foot. The route chosen by Ortiz went from Santander to the top of Torrecerredo, the highest peak in the Cantabrian Mountains, on the border between Asturias and Castilla y León and which is 2.400 meters high.

The swimming test began at 5.30 am, when Ortiz began swimming from the Virgen del Mar beach to Puertochico. The triathlete managed to complete this distance in five hours and 45 minutes, "a better time than expected." A Red Cross boat kept an eye on Ortiz, in case he had any mishap during the trip.
After finishing the swim, the Cantabrian triathlete rested fifteen minutes before starting his second challenge of the day. Ortiz took the bicycle and headed to Puenteponcebos (Asturias). The route was completed in four and a half hours, the time I expected since "it was a distance that I travel regularly."
Finally, Ortiz went up to Torrecerredo accompanied by a friend. The athlete stressed that it was not a journey "not at all comfortable because of the heat and the mosquitoes that were present, which bothered all the way." In the journey on foot, Ortiz invested five and a half hours.
A day later, Borja Ortiz's father waited for him to come down from the mountain to take him back home.
Ortiz was very satisfied with the success of the test and affirmed that “everything went perfectly and in the expected time. I am very happy to have achieved it ». The excessive heat that it made throughout the day was "my great enemy", according to the athlete himself. "The third and final test was the hardest, and the others were easier than expected."


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