A Paralympic champion walks again

Dutch Monique Van der Vorst, double Paralympic cycling champion in Beijing 2008, world champion and winner of an ironman triathlon

Monique lost mobility in both legs after undergoing surgery at the age of 13 to correct a sprained ankle gone wrong. After suffering two accidents in recent years, she developed pain in her back and was hospitalized.

Nine months ago, while training in Mallorca, he was run over by another cyclist, which led him to carry out extensive recovery work with the physios. After the aforementioned time, Monique again felt tingling in her feet... and one day she got up from her.



His therapist, Dr. Christof Smit, said that one of the accidents he suffered “apparently uncovered the blockage and recovery began.
"It's hard to explain it medically." Van der Vorst can't run yet and her next goal is to do it in the demanding Ironman triathlon like a normal athlete.

Despite the immense greatness of the news, Monique is left with a pity, not being able to compete in London 2012.

Source: www.marca.com

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