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Usain Bolt isolated for fear of testing positive for coronavirus after his birthday party

The Jamaican Usain Bolt, the best sprinter in history, has taken the measure of self-isolation although he has not confirmed whether he is infected.

As reported by the Vanguard, Usain Bolt, celebrated his 34th birthday last Friday with a party in style

At this moment you are at home saving quarantine for fear of having tested positive in coronavirus

The Jamaican, in anticipation of having contracted the virus, and in view of the commotion that has been created around the birthday party that he celebrated on Friday, has taken the measure of self-isolation although he has not confirmed whether he is infected.

At the moment, the ex-sprinter has shown no serious symptoms, as confirmed by himself, as he preferred to explain his case first-hand.

The Jamaican has assured in a video that he has no symptoms and feels good.

Bolt's positive comes amid an increase in infections in Jamaica, with 116 new cases in 24 hours this Sunday, representing a record increase in a single day.

The total number of confirmed positive cases is 1.413 and the number of deaths is 16. Its population is 2,9 million people

The authorities attribute part of the increase to the meetings and festivities that took place the first week of August when the independence of Jamaica was commemorated.

Bolt's humor, with the «Social distancing»

In April, Bolt brought out his humorous streak to illustrate the social distancing that the COVID-19 pandemic forces with a photo of his victorious arrival in the 100-meter Olympic final in Beijing 2008, with a huge advantage over his rivals.

The photo reflects the particular "Social distancing" (social distancing) that Bolt maintained in his good days with his rivals on the track.

The graphic message of the world record holder of 100 and 200 meters then spread rapidly on social networks.

Bolt, retired from the slopes after the London World Cups in 2017, collaborated in a global campaign that recommends staying home due to the coronavirus pandemic, posting videos in which he appears practicing physical exercises at home with a soccer ball, a sport to which he is very fond of.

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