Valencia and Andalusia are imposed in the Championship of Spain of school age Punta Umbría 2012

The 2012 Punta Umbría School Age Spanish Championship closed brilliantly in the two modalities that met on the beaches of Huelva's Costa de Luz. With the heat and the sun of Andalusia, the Atlantic breeze, an excellent atmosphere and a lot of color, the best took their preferential place on the podium.

The relay triathlon competition proclaimed Valencia and Andalusia as male and female champions respectively of a brilliant and exceptionally organized under 16 competition on the exceptional beaches of Punta Umbría. The test began with the dispute for the men's title. Three relievers from each community had to complete 500 m. of swimming, 4 kilometers of cycling and 1.500 m. of running on the sand by the sea before passing the baton to the next teammate, this is how swimming followed one another for each team. The bicycle test on Avenida del Océano and the final race before a large audience.

At the start of the men's event, Madrid set the pace during the first relay from Valencia, Roberto Sánchez, who raised the finish line at the finish gate. The top four teams with their relievers and split times by sector were:

1st Valencian Community. Total Time: 00:56:48. (Pablo Suz Conejos 00:04:04 00:09:25 00:05:41 00:19:09, Álvaro Campos Mantegas 00:03:51 00:09:32 00:06:04 00:19:26 and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón 00:04:00 00:08:52 00:05:23 00:18:15).

2nd Galicia. Total Time: 00:56:59. (Andrés Cendán Llorens 00:04:05 00:09:08 00:05:44 00:18:56, Daniel Bouzon García 00:04:02 00:09:32 00:05:38 00:19:10 and Anxo Lema Saavedra 00:04:04 00:09:12 00:05:38 00:18:54).

3rd Madrid. Total time: 00:57:36. (Carlos Galisteo Velasco 00:03:40 00:09:33 00:05:54 00:19:06, Jose Alix De La Mata 00:04:02 00:09:50 00:05:53 00:19:43 and Carlos Mas Peris 00:04:01 00:09:12 00:05:35 00:18:48).

4th Andalusia. Total Time: 00:57:41. (Placido Antonio Venegas Alonso 00:03:51 00:09:26 00:06:26 00:19:42, Juan Ignacio Campos Martin 00:03:56 00:09:31 00:06:06 00:19:32 and Ignacio Gonzalez Garcia 00:03:59 00:09:14 00:05:17 00:18:29).

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