Vicente Hernández wins the Challenge Sardinia in his middle distance debut

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Vicente Hernández has won the victory with a half marathon in 1h.11: 08 and Judith Corachán finished in fifth position.

Yesterday it was played on the island of Sardinia on Challenge Forte Village Sardinia, where several high level athletes participated in the test.

Iñaki Baldellou was the first to get out of the water followed by Vicente Hernández in second position and with a group of 4 units in less than 10 seconds. Already in the cycling sector, Vicente was advancing positions to take the leadership of the test on km 10 together with a group of 8 triathletes. After the climb to the port, Chente breaks the group again, leaving with Giulio Molinari. Behind the Belgian Bart Aernouts, who had given up more than 3:30 in swimming with a large sector on the bike, was climbing positions to reach T2 with a head duo. , goes back and in the final kilometers he arrives At 1:10 Rudy Von Berg arrived and at 2:30 the Australian Fisher arrived.

Vicente Hernández that came out very strong at the start of the race, he went solo to get his first test in a medium distance test with a time 3h.57: 15, (with a time of 1: 11: 08 in the 21 km), followed by 3: 53 by Bart Aernouts and Von Berg to 3: 59 in third position.

Male classification

  1. Vicente Hernández
  2. Bart Aernouts
  3. Rodolphe Rudy von Berg
  4. Giulio Molinari
  5. Trevor Wurtele

Judith Corachán fifth

As for the women's test, the victory was for Heather Wurtele followed by Laura Siddall y Marta Bernardi, A great Judith Corachán he has achieved the fifth final position.

Female classification

  1. Heather Wurtele
  2. Laura Siddall
  3. Marta Bernardi
  4. Yvonne van Vlerken
  5. Judith Corachan Cowgirl

Photos:  @jlhourcade

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