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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Víctor Del Corral tells us his victory in the Half Altriman

This weekend in the French town of Les Angles, located in the Eastern Pyrenees, the 4th edition of the Altriman was held. It is about the triathlon weekend, in which different distances are performed, including initiation triathlon, sprint, short distance, Half Ironman and Ironman.


Victor Del Corral, after proclaiming himself winner of the Lanzarote IM a month and a half ago, was on the starting line of the Half Altriman today Sunday.

Despite the fact that the weather has not accompanied much due to the thick fog that has existed for much of the morning and has forced the planned swimming circuit to change from two laps to three for the safety of the triathletes, there has been a spectacular atmosphere with a lot of public.

Swimming was done in Lake Matemale, there were 3 loops of approximately 600 meters, in which after each loop they ran about 100 meters to link with the next lap. Victor Del Corral after a good swim, started in third position.

The 95km cycle route, with a 1900m slope, ran through winding roads, steep slopes and beautiful landscapes that did not go unnoticed. The Catalan quickly became a leader in the cycling sector, reaching T2 in first position and leading the second triathlete by more than 6 '.

In the last segment of the test, the triathletes circled the perimeter of the lake twice, reaching the distance of a half marathon.

After 4 hours and 40 ', Victor Del Corral crossed the finish line in first position having really enjoyed the test, the place and very satisfied with the performance.

The next goal for this triathlete is the Cros Triathlon European Championship that will be held next Saturday the 15th, in the city of Den Haag, Holland. And do not hesitate to find out about his performance there.

How have the previous training and adaptation been?

The training sessions, during the three weeks that I have been in Les Angles, have been quite good as we started little by little and we gradually increased the demand for them. The village of Les Angles is located at 1600m high and the change is notable especially coming from a long season at sea level. So during the first week, 10 days, I was adapting to the altitude and then we were increasing the intensity of the workouts.

How did you find yourself in the competition?

The day was quite cold due to the intense fog that there was, which even delayed the start of the swim and rectified the route due to poor visibility. During the first segment I felt good and was able to swim with a rhythm and continuity.

On the cycling route, the first 40 km passed in constant descent, and together with the dense fog, the cold and even some drizzle, it made it cold and the muscles had not warmed up enough to face the second part of the circuit which consisted of recovering all the unevenness that we had lost with percentages between 10-17%.

Finally reaching the last segment, the sun began to make an appearance and I was able to enjoy it more since the temperature was more pleasant and there was the presence of the public, among them friends and family.

What is special about this test?

This test is undoubtedly special, its landscape, it is a great dose of motivation to do any of the triathlon disciplines. As it has been to swim in the lake, go by bike along the numerous roads where the little traffic they have stands out and the charm they have of being narrow and twisty and, finally, being able to run on the foot of the lake and the mountains. I really enjoyed the test and the days leading up to it.

How is competition lived in the French Pyrenees?

The competition in the French Pyrenees is lived like in many other hard mountain events. Many triathletes come who like to enjoy the environment and are great, we could say "furrowers" of roads and paths, they love to do km and km in these places and attend tests of this type that allow them to do long and medium distance with demand . You also find other triathletes who are starting in this discipline and start in tests of this type doing sprint or short distance distances because they are done in a quiet, beautiful environment that allows you to enjoy it with the family the days before.

This weekend Victor participates in the European Cross Triathlon Championship in the Dutch town of Den Haag, where he will try to revalidate his champion title that he won last year in Hungary.

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