Virginia Berasategui confirms its presence in the SWIMNOLIMITS voyages

A luxury ambassador for SWIM BY SUNSET - 5 of July



Today the presence of one of the best long-distance triathletes in history has been made public on the Facebook wall of the organization of the event who, despite what happened in 2013 that has taken her away from the competition for a season , has known how to demonstrate its value and passion for sport above all else and has decided to participate in a non-competitive way -without opting for a place in the final classification- next July 05 in the SWIM BY SUNSET 5.5 km crossing that will be held on the Costa Brava



Virginia (LD World Champion 2003, LD European Champion 209-2010 and 3 Hawaii Ironman 2003 among other relevant titles) is a person with a great career in the world of sports, but above all he is a person who has shown how to fight against adversity, admirable for his bravery and courage, for knowing how to face and stand up with more strength after a fall.

From SWIM BY SUNTET we feel that it is a luxury to have this athlete, but above all to have a person with a sensitivity and quality as an admirable person that has been demonstrated this last year
Thank you Virginia for accepting to share this SWIMNOLIMITS quote with us! "


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