World Triathlon sanctions the Russian Triathlon Federation

The World Triathlon Executive Council has decided sanction the Russian Triathlon Federation due to the significant number of doping cases in Russia.

The sanction will be effective for one year, and compliance with these measures will be reviewed quarterly.

The sanctions approved by the Executive Council consist of the following

  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will reach an agreement with RUSADA to carry out testing All Russian Athletes, especially to all those who are going to compete internationally.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation, together with World Triathlon, will create a education plan for athletes and coaches Russians when it comes to doping issues.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will compensate and return the money of the prizes awarded previously to the Russian triathletes sanctioned with doping crimes.
  • Officials of the Russian Triathlon Federation shall resign from any World Triathlon body  and European for a period of one year.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will not be able to organize any World Triathlon event or European for one year (until the end of 2022).
  • The Russian National Federation shall reimburse World Triathlon for all expenses (including, but not limited to, laboratory fees, hearing expenses, and travel) rerelated to any of the offenses of anti-doping rules committed by its athletes and coaches.
  • They must Sanctions adopted within the National Triathlon Federation of Russia for any coach or official who is implicated in any anti-doping rule violation, and must cooperate with the World Triathlon disciplinary bodies.

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