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Xavier Giró, from the drugs to the Titan Desert

Exhausted by the years of cocaine consumption since adolescence, with 120 kilos of weight and abandonment by the family, at the age of 29 years undertook a path of recovery

Exhausted by the years of cocaine use since adolescence, weighing 120 kilos and abandonment by the family, at the age of 29 he began a path of recovery

Self-destruction and degradation or embarking on an unknown new direction of effort and suffering to reach an uncertain place. The bicycle has brought Xavier Giró back to life and the Garmin Titan Desert is the culmination of his life change.

La Titan Desert It is a mountain bike race in stages where orientation and resistance prevail through the most incredible landscapes of Morocco. The competition consists of 6 stages and more than 600 kilometers over 6 days where the participants will face the heat, the desert and the harsh conditions of the race.

More than five years ago Xavier Giró You are recovering from your drug addiction. For this, an ally has helped and accompanied him during this time, the bicycle. And during 2019, this process will culminate with its great challenge of self-improvement: the Garmin Titan Desert.

He had hit rock bottom. About 5 and a half years ago, the life of this man from Tarragona reached a vital junction before which I had to make a decision. Follow the path that led the last years of self-destruction and degradation of everything he wanted, especially his family, or embark on a new unknown direction of effort and suffering to reach an uncertain place.

Exhausted by the years of cocaine use since adolescence and the abandonment by the family, at the age of 29, embarked on a path of recovery. Three months passed internal to the Hipócrates de Hostalets de Balenyà Institute, a drug addiction treatment center. There he began to walk with his companions, he could not run. The addiction had made him gain weight up to more than 120 kilos. He went to live in a supervised apartment and went out to bike, alone. Later, about 3 years ago, he joined the BTT Cycling Club of El Castellar, his town in Camp de Tarragona.

"I tried this game for big children that is the bike and discovered a world, a passion, a space for me to put into practice these new skills that taught me to live again and that every day I saw more clearly that they were essential to get ahead: perseverance, effort, humility, self-discipline ... All this that in the therapy room was theory, on the bike it took shape and became my way of life".

Slowly, with the help of therapists and colleagues, with the unconditional support of those who love him and a tool that has accompanied him from the beginning, the bicycle, has been able to win the game on drugs. After making routes through Andorra and having participated in Transcatalunya, he remembers with special emotion the last kilometer of an OpenNatura, in his town: “I was already facing the last few meters, and I saw that my family was waiting for me on arrival. At that moment, the tear fell and I thought about the hard times that had happened. But now I was there, with them".

This year, to put an end to this fight, he has decided on the greatest adventure, to run the Garmin Titan Desert. So far, he has never contested a test in stages, but together with two other colleagues he wants to convey a feeling of self-improvement: “Sport helps you connect and reintroduce yourself back to society. A partner who has already done the Titan Desert three times has tangled me to go, in total there are three of us. See if this is true that 'the desert changes your life'".

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