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The fastest shoes at IRONMAN Hawaii 2023

El IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, is one of the most important events in the world in our sport.

But in addition to the title of champion that is at stake, there is a great media impact around the world and it is a perfect showcase for the brands.

In this article, we are going to talk about a crucial element for any triathlete: the sneakers that have worn the best classifieds in the last world cup from Kona.

Athlete Used Sneakers Time in the Marathon
Lucy Charles ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ 2:57:38
Anne Haug Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next% 2:48:23
Laura Philipp New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v2 2:55:24
Taylor Knibb Nike Alphafly 2 3:05:13
Daniela Ryf Hoka Rocket X3 prototype 3:02:11
Chelsea Sodaro On Cloud prototype 2:53:02
Skye Moench Saucony Endorphin Elite 3:02:40
Sarah True Nike Alphafly 2 3:02:09
Lisa Norden Hoka Rocket X2 3:11:18
Jocelyn McCauley Nike Alphafly 2 3:12:56

Lucy Charles-Barclay 

Lucy Charles-Barclay She made history by winning her first Ironman World Championship and being the second woman to do it from start to finish.  

Although she is known for her swimming and cycling skills, this year she showed significant improvement in the marathon.  

He ran in the ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ shoes, designed for maximum performance. 

Anne Haug 

Anne Haug She left an indelible mark by running the fastest marathon ever recorded in the women's championship.  

He used the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly Next%, known for their exceptional energy return. 

Laura Philipp 

Laura Philipp has shown constant evolution in the world of triathlon. This year, he excelled in both cycling and the marathon, running in the New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v2. 

Taylor Knibb 

Taylor Knibb He made his IRONMAN debut with a remarkable performance. He opted for the Nike Alphafly 2 for his first appearance in this prestigious competition. 

Daniela Ryf 

Daniela Ryf It stood out especially in the cycling segment. For the marathon, he chose the Hoka Rocket X3 prototype shoes, which are still in the development phase. 

Chelsea Sodaro 

Chelsea Sodaro surprised by running the second fastest marathon of the day. He recently changed his sneaker sponsor and ran in an On Cloud prototype. 

Skye Moench 

Skye Moench showed a significant improvement in his time compared to the previous year. He ran in Saucony Endorphin Elite shoes, known for their lightness and efficiency. 

Sarah True 

Sarah True, winner of the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt, also left her mark in Kona. She opted for the Nike Alphafly 2 for the marathon. 

Lisa Norden 

Lisa Norden continues its evolution in long distance triathlon. In this edition, he chose the Hoka Rocket X2 shoes. 

Jocelyn McCauley 

Jocelyn McCauley achieved his first top-10 in Kona with a balanced performance in swimming and cycling. For the marathon, she chose the Nike Alphafly 2. 

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