Strength training for swimmers

El swimming training It is not understood today without extra time dedicated to gym. Well it is more than proven the need for strength training for improving swimming performance.

Today we bring you several exercise options so that your work out of the water is reflected in each stroke and in your muscles.

Advancing in the water arises as a consequence of the interaction of the internal forces generated by the swimmer's musculature and the external forces of the environment in question, that is, the weight to be overcome, the resistance to displacement and the movement of the body (Navarro and Oca, 2010).

Therefore, in addition to good technical training, strength work is essential to be able to perform efficient technical gestures in each stroke and each kick.

Today we bring you two strength training sessions with various exercises especially focused on swimmers that you can do in the gym if you have the possibility or at home with a simple rubber band:

Strength exercises for swimming in the gym


Sitting bird

Press bench

Low pulley row

Barbell Half Squat

Triceps kick

Pull-ups (with or without help)

Press pallof on pulley

Pulley glute

Source: Google Images

Strength exercises for swimming at home


elevación Side




Triceps kick


press pallof

Gluteus medius

Source: Google images

Strength training depending on the level

To carry out this training we recommend that, depending on your level, you do it in the following way in the gym:


(2 sessions / week). Intensity around 50% and between 12-15 repetitions per exercise. Total 3 rounds


(2-3 sessions / week) Intensity around 60% -70% and between 8-10 repetitions per exercise. Total 3-4 rounds


(3 sessions / week). Intensity around 70-80% and between 8-10 repetitions per exercise. Total 4 rounds

For the exercises with rubber bands the progression will be different. Start with 10-12 reps and 2 rounds and work your way up to 20 reps and 4 rounds.

Another way to increase the intensity is with elastic bands of greater resistance

Laura García Cervantes

Laura Garcia Cervantes.
Dra. Science of Physical Activity and Sport

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