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IRONMAN launches “My IRONMAN digital profile”

In a move to enrich the athlete experience, HOMBRE DE HIERRO has unveiled its latest innovation: the digital platform “My IRONMAN digital profile".

This tool promises to transform the way triathletes interact with their own achievements and preparations for future competitions,

Key Features and Benefits

The objective of “My IRONMAN digital profile” is your ability to personalize each user's experience.

From the display of competition results since 2017 until a simplified registration processn for 2025 events.

This platform is there to facilitate the needs of athletes. Additionally, it offers rtraining courses and allows athletes manage your TriClubs memberships, thus providing a unique space for sports preparation and development.

Community Strengthening

Beyond individual functionalities, “My IRONMAN digital profile” serves as a catalyst to strengthen ties within the vast triathlon community.

The platform encourages a greater connection between TriClubs members and offers easy access to global events, allowing athletes to plan their participation in international competitions in advance.

Towards a Digital Future in Triathlon

The introduction of “My IRONMAN digital profile” is aligns perfectly with IRONMAN's vision of the future, aimed at offering a comprehensive and digitally enriched experience to all triathletes.

With the commitment to continue developing and improving this platform, it is expected that future updates will continue to enhance the preparation and performance of athletes in upcoming competitions.

For those interested in immersing themselves in this digital revolution, “My IRONMAN digital profile” is now available in the menu of the official website  https://www.ironman.com/ 

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