12 data to keep in mind to see the Kona Ironman

Today is the race of the year, the Ironman World Championship, where the best specialists in distance will measure themselves to fight for the world title. 

 For this reason we have compiled some data that will surely be interesting to you while you continue the test live.

  1. In Kona will compete Ivan Raña by 6ª time and Gurutze Frades by 3rd. Javier Gómez Noya makes his debut in what will be his second Ironman.
  2. El record of the test they flaunt it Patrick Lange with 8: 01: 40 in 2018 and Daniela Ryf with 08: 46: 46 in 2016
  3. The faster in swimming were Lars Jorgensen in 00: 46: 41 in 1998 and Jodi Jackson with 00: 48: 43 in 1999
  4. El cycling record has it Cameron Wurf with 04: 12: 54 in 2017, while in girls  Karin Thuerig has been the fastest with 04: 44: 19 in 2011
  5. At Lóleo Eventos, marathonthe record holds it Patrick Lange with 02: 39: 45 in 2016, while Mirinda Carfrae has been the fastest with 02: 50: 26 in 2014
  6. Lucy Charles in time to break the swimming record in Kona, the British is much stronger than last year where she did not get it for a few seconds The record is set at 48:43 by Jodie Jackson in 1999
  7. Daniela Ryf will look for her fourth world title consecutive, reaching the mythical Paula Newby-Fraser.
  8. Iván Álvarez returns to “Mecca” for the sixth time and he will be the "captain of the GGEE Triarmada" where he is the favorite, consult the options that our Age groups
  9. Only 3 triathletes have debuted in Kona with victory: Luc Van Lierde in 1996, Dave Scott in 1980 and obviously Gordon Haller in the first edition of 1978 How was the debut of the main favorites? Will Noya be the fourth?
  10. Eneko Llanos is best spanish brand in Kona, where he was second in 2008, with 8: 20: 50 
  11. This year will not be Eneko Llanos in Kona, that's why we made a tribute after his 12 consecutive appearances in the Hawaii Ironman
  12. The winners of the test will pocket 120.000 $, distributing 650.000 $ between all the categories

Where to see it live?

The test can be seen live from the NBC Sports platform, at ironman.com and through IRONMAN NOW on Facebook at www.facebook.com/IRONMANnow

Timetable (Spanish time, Saturday 13 October, 12 hours minus Official time)

  • PRO male output: 18: 35 PM
  • PRO female output: 18: 40 PM
  • Departure age groups Male: 19: 05 PM
  • Exit Age groups Female: 19: 20 PM


  • First man in T1 19: 29 PM
  • First woman in T1 8: 31 PM
  • First man in T2 00: 20 AM
  • First woman in T2 01: 20 AM

Estimated arrival time

  • PRO PRO male arrival: 2: 00 AM
  • Women's PRO arrival: 2:50 AM

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