Club la Santa Ironman Lanzarote: curiosities, anecdotes and thanks

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As every year we collect the curiosities that the Ironman of Lanzarote has left us

The XXVII edition of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote as every year has brought great moments, curiosities and anecdotes that we want to highlight below. Also take advantage of this last article of the Special Ironman Lanzarote 2018 to mention two special thanks.

The Ironman Lanzarote is not understood without the figure that Kenneth Gasque, race director and "father" of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote. All the triathletes that compete every year in Lanzarote coincide in the same opinion "we are here thanks to Kenneth" The island of Lanzarote, the Spanish triathlon and Ironman worldwide will always be grateful to Kennet for all his work in post triathlon.

The dance of the first two classified in the awards ceremony

The vast majority of participating triathletes, starting with the winner Alexander Degasperi have coincided that The new cycling circuit is even harder than the previous one.

Since the triumph of Eneko Llanos in 2010 no other triathlete had achieved repeat triumph, and this year, both Alesando Degasperi as Lucy Gossage they achieved it, adding both the club of the two-time champions in Lanzarote.

Iván Raña's podium reaffirms Ironman Lanzarote as the Ironman of the Spanish. In this test they have won Maribel Blanco, Virginia Berasategui y Eneko Llanos twice, Víctor del Corral He also achieved a victory. And they have been podium Ivan Raña, Saleta Castro, Miquel Blanchart y Felix Martinez Rubio.

This edition of 2018 with 1.856 triathletes It has been the second largest in history. Spain was the country with the most athletes with 583 registered. In total there have been 55 countries represented (by 41 last year), which shows the international growth of the Ironman Lanzarote.

We must highlight the great participation of triathletes over 65 years, with 23 finishers.

One of them was Josep Marin, Spanish athlete who managed to be rworld record of 50km march, besides winning a world silver, a European and several Olympic diplomas. Josep was second in the age group 65-69 He managed to qualify for the World Cup in Hawaii where he will compete with his son Marc, also qualified for Kona

In addition to Josep, there was another Olympic diploma finisher in Lanzarote and classified for Kona, the canoeist, diploma in the Olympic Games of Athens Damian Vindel.

Josep Marin and Damian Vindel Olympic diplomas finishers Ironman Lanzarote

Pedro José Andujar was great revelation of the day in male category achieving a magnificent 6ª plaza en goal and the second best partial cyclist. In women, the big surprise was starring Simone Mitchell qwho is age group got the second place of the female general.

Pedro José Andujar revelation at Ironman Lanzarote

Iván Álvarez y Jaime Menéndez de Luarca they got qualify for Kona by 6ª time, being the Spanish age groups that more times have achieved it.

Iván Álvarez and Jaime menendez de Luarca ironman lanzarote

Cassia W. Furian y Carlos Belarrada of the Clavería de Móstoles triathlon club, played one of the most emotional moments of the day. Carlos finished his 15º Ironman, this time accompanying his wife Cassia who ran his first ironman. They did the whole test together, reaching the finish line where their daughters were waiting for them. It was very special to see the four crying with emotion at the finish line, an example of a family.

Cassia W. Furian and Carlos Belarrada from the Triathlon Clavería de Móstoles club

Ramon Arroyo rHe received recognition from the organization. It could not finish the Ironman of Lanzarote but surely it returns to obtain it.

Juan Miguel Esteban, the athlete known for his challenge from the prison to the marathon completed his challenge Ironmax, finishing the test with a time of 11: 27, in his first participation in an Ironman.

Juan Antonio Bermejo, winner of the Skechers contest, became finisher of the Ironman Lanzarote. His brother Jose Vicente did it for 13 consecutive time.

Josu Allica winner of 45-49 has only been doing triathlon for a year and a half. He managed the slot to Kona, weeks after doing the same in Marbella achieving his classification to the Ironman 70.3 World Championship. The same "double" achievement Julen Diaz, in his 18-24 group, will be in both worlds.

Saleta Castro y Miquel Blanchart they received the special prize Skechers for being the fastest triathletes in the marathon. Both made a great time, 3: 03: 45 the Galician and 2: 45: 35 the Catalan, who stayed just over a minute to beat the segment record.

Saleta Castro and Miquel Blanchart receive Skechers award
One of the speakers of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote was the triathlete and coach Moving away Santamaría, who was at the bottom of the canyon the 17 hours that lasted the test animating all the triathletes.

Alejandro Santamaria speaker at Ironman Lanzarote

The final ceremony of the awards ceremony was attended by Ximo Rubert who was in charge of making the presentations in Spanish.

One of the most special moments of the final dinner is when Kenneth Gasque begins to say “that the trialetas that have been finishers for the first time" Afterwards he continues with the triathletes of two editions, of three, ... until arriving at 23, the record of the test. Few Ironmans in the world can boast of having four men with more than 20 editions finished and with four women with more than eight editions. Here our recognition of the magnificent four and the magnificent four of the La Santa Ironman Lanzarote Club.


Finisher 20 editions ironman lanzarote

Albert Corveleijn 23 editions

Bent Andersen 22 editions (16 times Kona Finisher and 6 times world champion in their age group)

Carmelo Ruiz 22 editions and triatelta Canario

Amedeo Bonfanti 21 editions (Lanzarote 2018 has been his 99 Ironman finished)


Female finisher 20 editions ironman lanzarote

Julie Harrison 11 editions

Ingrid Arning 10 editions

Ines Hernández 9 editions

Susana Roman 8 editions

A special thanks to Isabelle who, since the beginning of the first edition of the Ironman Lanzarote, has worked within the organization, managing the press of the competition in recent years and this 2018 has seen it "from the other side of the boxes".

For many years she was also in charge of managing the Pro list, attracting great triathletes to the event that gave her great visibility as well as taking excellent care of the media that, as have given coverage and visibility to the event, being able to offer these shocking and emotional contents of extraordinary triathletes. We know that Isabelle leaves a great press team that will continue this necessary and great work so that we can continue enjoying Ironman Lanzarote for many more years.

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