Ironman 70.3 Cascais-Portugal, the best option for the end of season 2018

The 30 of September will be held the 2ª edition of the Ironman 70.3 of Cascais (Portugal) a competition that was a success last year with more than 2.200 participants in its premiere within the Ironman franchise.  

January is a good time to plan the 2018 season and choose the tests in which you want to compete this year. If you're still thinking about where you're going to finish the season or what career are you going to do after the summer Ironman 70.3 by Cascais, in Portugal it is a great option.

Last year he hung the "Sold out" poster months before its conclusion, so this year you have to pay attention and if you are determined to run it you must register as soon as possible to have your place insured.

 The 70.3 of Cascais, is a triathlon with a experienced organization, endorsed by a first edition that was a resounding success of participation, as we have cited above, with more than 2.200 participants. There was more than 200 Spaniards in goal, being one of the triathlons with greater Spanish participation outside of Spain. We must also highlight the international nature of the event, with triathletes from five continents and representing more than 30 countries.

In Europe there were obviously triathletes from Portugal and Spain, but also a large participation of British, French, Swiss, etc ... From America there were triathletes from Canada, USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil or Argentina among other countries. From Africa there were triathletes from Morocco, Egypt or South Africa. Asia competed with Taiwanese and Oceanian Australians.

If you still have not decided whether or not to run Cascais 70.3, in the next article you can read the impressions of the triathletes Sara Loehr (2ª) and Saleta Castro (5ª) who explained their impressions of the competition and told us how the circuits are.

The Ironman 70.3 from Cascais was not only a successful participation, but also had a great online tracking with more than 500.000 people following the test, either through the web or through the official facebook page of the test. This is a great success, and even more so for a triathlon in a country like Portugal, whose population is about 10,5 million inhabitants.

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