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10 quick questions to Tim Don

A few days of competing in the IM of Hawaii, a car rolled over Tim Don, causing important injuries, especially the breakage of the vertex C2, which forced him to be with the neck immobilized for 3 months.

Tim Don was ITU world champion in 2006 (the last time there was a podium without Spaniards), he has the best mark of the Ironman franchise with 7: 40: 23 achieved in the IM of Brazil last year, and it is the valid bronze world in IM 70.3

Tim was facing the Hawaii World Cup with aspirations of everything ... but a few days before the competitionsuffered an accident when he trained on a bike that could almost cost him his life.

The recovery of Tim Don has not been easy, on the contrary, even one of the brands that sponsors him, Endura, campaigned to be able to fundraising and help you with your medical expenses since they have been very high. At the beginning of February Tim Don himself announced his intention to run the Boston Marathon

From Triatlonnoticias, we have spoken with Tim Don himself who has told us how his evolution is going

After suffering the accident, what advice would you give to the triathletes when they go out to train with the bicycle?

Who takes care of your safety! I have started using front and rear light always, both day and night in my workouts. Obviously you have to comply with traffic rules and respect other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. And also have fun!

Is there something that you have learned and that you can contribute to the triathletes with such a hard experience?

Never give up always try to give the 100%. Do not waste energy trying to control what you can not. For me that meant focusing on my recovery and not on the accident or on what could have been if Kona 2017.

You are an experienced triathlete and 2006 world champion. Can you tell us how triathlon has changed in recent years?

It has grown and has much more media coverage. One thing I noticed is the popularity and intensity (fitness levels) of the age groups. In triathlon it is so popular that it has become a way of life!

Your next goal is the Boston Marathon, but are you dreaming of Kona?

Yes, at 100%. I dream of being on the start line of the Hawaii World Cup this year, it is my ultimate goal and dream for this 2018

Tim don in cycling

Less than a year ago you achieved the best Ironman record in history. Are you going to repeat Florianópolis? What is your secret to keep so much concentration in the race and achieve this great moment of 7: 40 in an Ironman?

No, I will not be ready for a complete Ironman in May, but maybe in July in Europe. The approach is easy if you live minute by minute. Concentrate on the process, all the small things you need to be well in the race. Feeding, hydration, tactics, confidence, knowing the routes, etc ... this is how I am facing the race and the 7h40min23s of competition are not that long.

What are your goals for this year?

Compete again, qualify for Kona and fight for the best possible position in October's 13

This year you will be with Zone3. Why did you choose this brand? Is it a good option for triathlon?

They are a company at the forefront of the neoprene suit and its development for the swimming segment. They always want to innovate and make a better, faster and more comfortable product! This I love about Zone3

Tell us about your favorite swimming training

In the summer, after a long trip, on a Wednesday, I have a nice swim in open water on a beautiful lake in Boulder, it can not be beat!

Tell us about your favorite bicycle training

Do repetitions on the climb to Lefthand Canyon. It is an ascent of 30 km to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with an incredible landscape.

Tim Don Carrera on foot

And your favorite running workout?

A long journey on the Magnolia road one early Sunday morning. They are simply stunning 30-36km!

Photo: Wagner Araujo / FirstEndurance.com

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