20 years of Triathlon in Valencia

In October of 1992, a group of daring organizers had the great idea of ​​putting Valencia on the Spanish triathlon map. Illustrious as Juan Lopez, Jesus Deval, Vicente Bobí, Fernando García and Joaquin Pérez-Cospedal, among others, lay the foundations of what is now Valencia: a city open to the sea where the triathlon brings together year after year with 5.000 triathletes. During these 20 years, the evolution of the city of Valencia has been spectacular. Not only in participation, but in the very scenario of the event that now surrounds the emblematic Veles e Vents (in the photo) have witnessed this evolution and development

Both the memory still in force at the Memorial Joaquin Pérez-Cospedal as the different organizations that have been supporting this test year after year are worth mentioning: in the first Correcaminos Sports Society, for later the own one Federation, already in the dawn of this century, who would be in charge of the organization until the agreement of two years ago by which Trisense Sport he took charge of the organization with the brilliant revulsion of new scenery and format; without forgetting the international appointments of 2004 and 2010, with the disputes of the Cpto. of Eruopa and the World, events that undoubtedly have contributed to the internationalization of this event. All this without forgetting each and every one of the promoters and volunteers who have collaborated during all these years.

But we must not forget other tests that have accompanied in the City itself what is now the Valencia Triathlon: the Cros Duathlon of the Rio de Valencia, the Accaatlon of Campanar and Pinedo, the Pinedo Triathlon and the Duathlon of Valencia; without forgetting the big bet for the future in the Long Distance format, such as the Valencia LD. All of this has benefited everyone: participants, clubs, institutions and; in its totality, all the triathlon in the C. Valenciana.

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