226ERS new sponsor of Club La Santa IRONMAN® Lanzarote

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The supplements of the sports nutrition brand specialized in long distance triathlon will be present during this edition at the aid stations of the test held in Lanzarote and organized by the Club La Santa.

The next 26 of May will be held a new edition of the Club La Santa Ironman Lanzarote, where the sponsorship of the sports nutrition brand 226ERS has just been announced

Now the participants of the mythical test will be able to enjoy the quality of a sports supplementation specially created to face the modality of the 226 kilometers. And, precisely, the name of the brand comes from how triathletes are called finishers of the distance involved in an IRONMAN® test

Not for nothing is considered this test as a benchmark and one of the hardest IRONMAN® in the worldor, in addition to a perfectNtesala for the IRONMAN® World Championship of Kona in Hawaii. There are few similarities between the two tests, both disputed between volcanoes and located on islands with a unique landscape, where the wind, although invisible, can not avoid becoming another protagonist that will shake strongly all participants at both ends of the planet.

El hard unevenness in the cycle section (2.551 meters in front of the 1.090 meters of Kona) and the constancy of its characteristic trade winds, which predominate on the island, without differentiating the day from the night and just gusting like the Kona trade winds, but perpetual, playing against and with those that we find along almost the The whole trip, make this test a real challenge that every triathlete lover of long distance competition wants to face at some time in his life.

In a test of such difficulty, you should not leave the least random. That is why from 226ERS, has been created a line of products perfectly suited to face this modality, designed especially to perform optimally in extreme situations, where every little detail can go in favor or against the participant.

Jesús Sánchez Bas, CEO of 226ERS, considers that: "The Club La Santa IRONMAN® Lanzarote is one of the most important and legendary IRONMAN® distance tests and for me to be part of this event is a dream come true. I have participated in this race several times and I always thought that one day we could be part of its history and be able to contribute by feeding the dreams of all the participants with our products. "

Fabio Eligio Cabrera Cruz, Sports and Race Manager of Club La Santa, for his part, has declared: "We have opted for 226ERS as a nutrition brand for the quality of its products, variety and philosophy in the supplementation aimed at long distance athletes, for the monitoring and care with which 226ERS treats its products, being aware of the needs and taking into account to all types of athletes. We hope we can help our participants and that this relationship between 226ERS and Club La Santa lasts for a long time."

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Photograph by Leo Viera. 

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