• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Great weekend in Banyoles with close to 3.000 triathletes in the Spanish Sprint and Aquathlon triathlon championships.

We expect very open races, both in the men's and women's competitions there are several and several triathletes with victory options.

Tomorrow Saturday 7 in July takes place in the Catalan city of Banyoles on Sprint Triathlon Spain Championship. At the 18: 45 will be the women's competition and the 20: 30 will start the men's. Previously during all the day the races of Age Groups will have been disputed, the championships of Spain of Paratriathlon and the Junior Spain and Cadets championships, as well as the event ETU Triathlon European YOG Qualifier. While Sunday will be the turn of all the Spanish Championships of Aquatlón and the YOG qualifier of Mixed Relay.

The coincidence in the calendar with the Tiszaujvaros World Cup and the WTS next week in Hamburg have caused important losses in Banyoles, Such as Antonio Serrat, Antonio Benito, Cesc Godoy, Roberto Sanchez, Camila Alonso, Sara Perez and Anna Godoy who will be the representatives of the Triarmada in Hungary.

Female competition

A very open competition is foreseen, with only two top10 from last year at stake, Sara Bonilla (4ª in 2017) and Maria Varo (10ª). The rest of the favorites are Noelia Juan, Anna Flaquer, Melina Alonso, Marta Sanchez and the four triathletes of the "97 generation": Cecilia Santamaría, Sara Guerrero, Carmen Gómez e Inés Santiago. We must also mention Joselyn Brea, who is one of the favorites to win the race but still can not qualify for the title of champion of Spain.

Female start list

Male competition

While in the men's category, there will be four top10 from last year: Lucas Mola, Camilo Doors, Jordi Garcia y Luis Miguel Sanchez A priori the two big favorites are Ignacio González recent winner of the Holten Premium Europe Cup last week and David Castro who arrives after being 8º in the Paris GP. Other triathletes who aspire to fight with the best are Javier Lluch, Alberto Gonzalez, Genis Grau, Aleix Domenech and Kevin Tarek Viñuela

Male start list

Finally, taking advantage of the Spanish Championship, we want to remember and send a lot of encouragement to the current Spanish Sprint champion, Carolina Truck, of Banyoles and who is still recovering from the serious outrage he suffered a few weeks ago. We hope the recovery will go well and see you training and competing as soon as possible.

Photo: Pere Duran


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