35 years of World Triathlon

On April 1, 1989, the French city of Avignon witnessed an event that would mark a before and after in the history of triathlon: the founding of the International Triathlon Union (ITU), today known as World triathlon.

Since its inception, the organization has led a path of growth and transformation, consolidating triathlon as one of the most popular and exciting sports disciplines in the world.

A journey of milestones and constant evolution

Under the tutelage of two key figures, Les McDonald, its first president, and the current president Marisol Married, World Triathlon has undergone notable expansion.

Milestones such as the inclusion of triathlon in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games and the recent incorporation of the mixed relay in Tokyo 2020 have raised the profile of the sport to a global stage, captivating millions of viewers and attracting a new generation of triathletes.

More than a sport, a philosophy

Promoting the gender equality, sustainable development, transparency and the growth of triathlon worldwide are the fundamental pillars that guide the work of World Triathlon.

The organization has implemented pioneering initiatives to guarantee equal opportunities in all areas of sport, from participation to the distribution of prizes.

In addition, its commitment to sustainability is reflected in actions such as reducing the environmental footprint at events and promoting responsible practices.

A vibrant present and a promising future

World Triathlon celebrates 35 years not only as an organization, but as a global community of athletes, coaches, fans and triathlon enthusiasts.

His legacy of excellence and innovation inspires new generations of triathletes to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

in a video Marisol Casado celebrates the 35th anniversary of the founding of World Triathlon, highlighting the growth and evolution of the sport during this time.

He mentions that triathlon has become a global sport with millions of participants worldwide.

Besides, andexplains how World Triathlon has worked to integrate triathlon into the Olympic ecosystem, highlighting the inclusion of triathlon in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games as an important milestone.

Affirms that World Triathlon is committed to sustainability and gender balance on the sport.

Thank the World Triathlon team and national federations for their dedication and support, recognizing the fundamental role they have played in the growth and expansion of triathlon worldwide.

Looking to the future, World Triathlon remains steadfast in its commitment to:

  • Promote the development of sport worldwide.
  • Promote inclusion and equal opportunities.
  • Protect the environment through sustainable practices.
  • Inspire through the power of triathlon to build a brighter future.

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