40 years of Club La Santa: A Paradise for Triathletes and Sports Lovers

In the heart of Lanzarote, a volcanic island recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, lies a destination that has been home to thousands of athletes and endurance sports enthusiasts: the Club Santa.

celebrating his 40th anniversary in 2023, this sports complex has been more than a place to train; it has been a community, a family and a symbol of excellence in the world of sports.

A Visionary Beginning

The history of Club La Santa began in 1983, when it was inaugurated as "La Santa Sport".

Despite initial challenges and financially difficult years, the founder Ejlif Krogager kept faith with the project.

Through perseverance and innovation, the La Santa club grew and prospered, becoming a reference destination for lovers of sports and a healthy lifestyle.

Poster for the 40th anniversary with the image of the foundation
Poster for the 40th anniversary with the image of the foundation

World Class Facilities

With more than 80 sports facilities and over 500 weekly activities In 75.000 m2, Club La Santa offers an unbeatable variety of sports and activities.

From two 50 meter Olympic size swimming pools to a 400 meter running track, an outdoor CrossFit area and a fully equipped wellness centre, the club has something for everyone.

Triathletes find in Club La Santa a perfect place to train, with sessions led by elite trainers and the possibility of training on the official routes of IRONMAN Lanzarote.

Athletes of the size of Anne Haug , Lucy Charles, Jan Frodeno, Eneko Llanos o Saleta Castro among others they have chosen the club as their training venue, taking advantage of the first class facilities and the incomparable natural environment.

Aerial image of Club La Santa
Aerial image of Club La Santa
Aerial image of Club La Santa
Aerial image of Club La Santa

Experience Club La Santa for the First Time

If you have never visited Club La Santa, the 40th anniversary is the perfect time to discover this sports paradise.

Located on the beautiful island of Lanzarote, the club offers a unique experience for everyone, regardless of age, level or physical condition.

With free access to more than 80 sports, exercise activities, facilities and high-quality sports equipment, in its facilities there is always something for everyone.

From swimming in Olympic-sized pools to running on the track, practicing yoga by the lagoon or enjoying a massage at the Wellness Center, the possibilities are endless.

In addition, the club offers free WIFI and various accommodation options, from recently renovated apartments to new luxurious suites.

For Triathletes: Train in Paradise at Club La Santa

Image of the lake at Club La Santa

If you are a triathlete looking for the perfect place to train, look no further than Club La Santa.

With facilities like two 50 meter Olympic pools, A sea ​​water area for swimming in open water, and a 400 meter running track, the club offers everything a triathlete could need.

Also, you can train on the official routes of IRONMAN Lanzarote and participate in sessions led by elite trainers.

If you want to know more about how Club La Santa has become an essential destination for triathletes, read this articles, where you will find an in-depth look at what makes this place a true triathlete's paradise.

Aerial image of Club La Santa
Aerial image of Club La Santa

A Community Spirit

What really sets Club La Santa apart is its community spirit and inclusivity.

It is not just a resort for professional athletes; it is a place where people of all ages, levels and physical conditions can enjoy an active holiday.

From yoga and meditation classes to activities for children and young people, the club fosters a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Lanzarote: A Unique Destination

Lanzarote is not only the home of Club La Santa; It is an island of natural and cultural beauty.

With the Timanfaya National Park, one of the jewels of the island, visitors can explore more than 25 volcanoes and an area of ​​more than 50 km2.

In addition, it is part of the IRONMAN circuit, one of the toughest and most demanding tests on the world triathlon circuit.

Celebrating 40 Years

The 40th anniversary of Club La Santa is a milestone in a story of success, challenges and community.

Since its foundation, it has welcomed thousands of visitors from all over the world, becoming a meeting point for athletes, coaches and fans.

With events and competitions throughout the year, such as the 4 Stage Mountain Bike Race Lanzarote and Volcano Triathlon, the club continues to be a benchmark of excellence in the world of sports.

This 40th anniversary is not just a milestone in the club's history, but an opportunity to reflect, celebrate and look to the future.

To commemorate this anniversary, Club La Santa has planned an exciting range of events and activities not only in June, the month of its inauguration, but throughout the year.

From sports competitions to galas, workshops and social events, there is something for all tastes and ages.

The celebration invites current and returning guests, as well as new visitors, to experience the magic of Club La Santa and discover what makes this place so unique.

Club La Santa is more than a sports complex; it's a legacy, a family, and a testament to what's possible when vision meets passion.

You can find more information on their website https://www.clublasanta.com/es/

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