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The 8 best Spanish brands in Ironman 2017

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In the following article we want to show who have been the eight fastest Spanish triathletes of 2017 in Ironman distance triathlons, both in women and men.

Miquel Blanchart in the men's category with 8:02:03 at the Ironman in Barcelona and Gurutze Frades With a time of 9:01:00 in the Ironman of Brazil they have been the fastest Spaniards this year in the triathlon queen distance.

Top 8 fastest triathletes of 2017 in ironman distance

Gurtuze Frades

  1. Miquel Blanchart 8: 02: 03 Ironman Barcelona
  2. Clemente Alonso 8: 07: 48 Ironman Kalmar
  3. Eneko Llanos 8: 12: 43 Ironman Austria
  4. Gustavo Rodríguez 8: 19: 09 Challenge Almere
  5. Ivan Raña 8: 24: 53 Ironman Hawaii
  6. Iván Álvarez 8: 25: 09 Triathlon Vitoria
  7. Carlos Lopez 8: 26: 54 Ironman Frankfurt
  8. Carlos Aznar 8: 28: 54 Triathlon Vitoria

Barcelona was once again the competition where a triathlete achieved the best Spanish brand of the year, Miquel Blanchart with 8:02:03 (which is also his best personal time) and Clemente Alonso It was the only one to drop off from 8:10. The rest of the top8 also achieved its best mark in this 2017 except for Eneko Llanos, Clemente Alonso and Ivan Raña. Finally, we must highlight the Vitoria Triathlon, where there were 8 triathletes who went under 9 hours, possibly the test where the most Spaniards have achieved it.

Top 8 fastest triathletes of 2017 in ironman distance.

  1. Gurutze Frades 9: 01: 00 Ironman Brazil
  2. Merce Tusell 9: 29: 57 Ironman Barcelona
  3. Saleta Castro 9: 37: 17 Ironman Maastrich
  4. Ruth Brito 9: 40: 02 Triathlon Vitoria
  5. Mireia Arrillaga 9: 56: 33 Ironman Copenhagen
  6. Esther Leal 9: 58: 24 Ironman Copenhagen
  7. Patricia Bueno 10: 01: 24 Triathlon Vitoria
  8. Helena Herrero 10: 06: 34 Ironman Italy

It is necessary to highlight one more year the growth of the Spanish in this distance, because in 2017 they are six triathletes who have managed to get off the 10 hours, the year that more women have achieved it. For his part Gurutze Frades She has managed to be the first Spanish to go down three times from 9 hours in the same season at distance 226, in addition to Brazil, she also did it in South Africa and Kona. We must also highlight the time of Saleta Castro 9:37:17 that earned him to beat the Ironman of Maastrich, being the only Spanish to get on the podium in an Ironman this season.

NOTE: When talking about distance Ironman we are always afraid to keep in mind that distances are not approved.

Foto Miquel: @triatlonsp / @gurutzefrades

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