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A father assaults the president of the club Clavería in a Children's Duathlon

The aggression occurred in the pits where a test official and a volunteer from the organization told the father of a competitor to leave the pits area, where Miguel Angel intervened giving explanations to the father, and he first verbally rebuked finally assaulting him and breaking his nose

We echo this statement sent to us by the Madrid Triathlon Federation, since the behavior has no justification, in one of the sports with more equality and respect that exist today.

Integro Statement:

The Madrid Triathlon Federation had notice yesterday of an event that we consider very serious during the celebration of the Green Wedge School Duathlon, test of the school circuit of the Madrid Triathlon Federation.

At the end of the test of prebenjamines (7 years), in the pit area, the father of one of the participants physically assaulted Miguel Angel Díaz, president and accredited technician of Clavería de Móstoles club. The mentioned aggression took place as a result of the indication by an official of the test and a volunteer of the organization to the father of a competitor to leave the pit area, since in the same can only be official, personnel of the organization and accredited technicians. Before the refusal to leave, Miguel Angel intervened giving explanations to the father, who first verbally rebuked him and finally assaulting him and breaking his nose, having to be taken care of by the medical services of the test.

The Federation wants to transmit to clubs, triathletes, technicians and officials that is not willing to compromise before this type of actions in official tests and much less in school tests whose fundamental objective is the formation and education in values ​​of the minors through our sport .

Over the last few years we have heard about negative behavior and insults from parents towards officers, organization staff and even children participating in tests. We believe that it is our responsibility to try, with all our means, that these situations do not happen again.

Given what happened last Sunday and the dynamics that we have been observing in previous years, we are collecting all the information to call the Federation's disciplinary committee and analyze possible sanctions against this and future situations of disrespect, insults or irregular behavior on the part of of parents and public attending the tests.

The Federation will establish clear guidelines that will ask the clubs to transmit their technicians, partners and parents of school triathletes. We will also make a communication campaign and awareness of the importance that we all maintain respect and education in the face of possible conflicts in all official competitions, and especially school, in order that our sport educates and educates our children and not the contrary . Likewise, all the Federation team will be available to clubs and parents to facilitate the understanding and internalization of the rules of conduct required by participation in official events of the Madrid Triathlon Federation.

Photo: Claveria Triathlon School Escuelatriatlonclaveria.blogspot.com.es

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