Alejandro Santamaría second in the International Duathlon Club Santa

As every year, the International Duathlon Club La Santa opened the doors to tests with cache in Spain, where in this edition they were imposed in the men's category Ritchie Nicholls followed by Alejandro Santamaria in second position and Peru Alfaro occupying the third position.



In the female category, he won Mullan with 2: 47 on Schulz and 3: 34 on Schmitt.

Almost 200 participants gathered to cover the 5 kilometers of running, 20 kilometers of cycling and 5 kilometers of running.

The first two to leave were the representatives of the paratriathlon, Rafa Botello and Francesc Sola, with loose triumph of Botello, who escaped from the first kilometers.

Then came the male category, where the British Richie Nicholls imposed a strong rhythm from the first stride arriving at the T1 with an advantage of 1: 20 over the Spanish Santa Maria y Alfaro that they released in the final meters the German Droll.

It's segmente cyclist marked by the strong wind, it was another recital for N who marked the best record by planting in the T2 with 3 m on the day's revelation, the local Aitor Navarro I had climbed on my bike after giving 2: 50 on foot. With him he arrived Santa Maria and 15 seconds Peru Alfaro that he had stayed at Soo's descent.

The 2.5 km final race on foot, was a procedure for N that was imposed with 3: 57, already also marked the best record in the last segment, in total 58: 13. Santa Maria finished second, while Alfaro He came back to third place. The 5 top was completed NAVARRO y Droll.

The girls were the last to leave, the Irish Eimear Mullan and the German Schulz led the first 5000, entering the T1 with 45 seconds on Patricia Diaz and more than a minute about María Ortega and the German Schmitt.


It was on the two wheels where Mullan sentenced the race arriving at the T2 2: 40 on Schulz, and more than 3 about Schmitt.

The final 2500 m did not decide anything, overcoming Mullan with 2: 47 on Schulz and 3: 34 on Schmitt. The Spanish Diaz y Ortega They completed the Top 5.

The best residents in Lanzarote were Aitor Navarro y Azucena Lara

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