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Alex Yee continues to «fly», this time running the 7 meters at 45:3.000

He has been fourth in the Bromley Twilight Invitation Meeting

This weekend the Bromley Twilight Invitation Meeting where the young british Alex Yee 22 years old has achieved a time of 7: 45.81 in the distance of 3.000 meters .

Yee has run at an average of 2:35 km / h to set his personal best in this distance.

In the competition the victory has been for Marc Scott with 7: 43.38 followed by James West (7: 43.79), Jonny Davies (7: 45.75) where Alex Yee (7: 45.81) has been fourth.

The results can be consulted in the following link

This year he is breaking his personal records

2 weeks ago, Yee beat his personal record in 5.000 meters getting a 13 time: 26 in this distance

The British triathlete is showing his quality every time he competes and will be a rival to take into account when international competitions resume.

He's on the Hamburg starting list

The first WTS are scheduled for September 5 in Hamburg and he's at the starting line.

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