Alistair Brownlee, new president of the EOC Athletes' Commission

At a recent assembly held in Rome, Alistair Brownlee, double Olympic champion, has been elected as the new president of the C Athletes Commissionomitted European Olympic (EOC), succeeding Gerd Kanter. 

In his first speech as president, Brownlee highlighted his commitment to the advancement and well-being of European athletes.  

Its focus is on the exchange of ideas and best practices between athlete commissions, always seeking growth and continuous improvement in sport. 

This appointment is not only an honor for Brownlee, but also represents a step forward in his career, demonstrating his ability to positively influence the world of sport beyond competitions. 

With his experience and vision, Brownlee is expected to bring new perspectives and innovative approaches that will benefit athletes and the Olympic movement in Europe. 

In Brownlee's words, “It is a great honor and responsibility to represent and defend the European athletes of the Olympic Movement".  

With this mindset, his tenure as President of the EOC Athletes Commission is expected to be an era of positive change and significant development for European sport. 


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