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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Andreas Dreitz wins in the Ironman 70.3 of Mallorca, Fidalgo 4º, Victor del Corral and Gurutze Frades8º

Miguel Ángel Fidalgo was the first Spaniard in 4th position and Víctor del Corral finished 8th.

Day with rain and cold in Alcudia, it was presumed a hard and epic race ... and it was. Finally 3600 triathletes took the start, in the most multitudinous Media Distance Triathlon in Spain.

Male competition

The Brazilian Marcus Fernandes was the first to complete the 1900m swim, with a time of 23: 01, after a few 30 '' a first group with Miguel Angel Fidalgo and Carlos Lopez. Further back to 1 'the leader comes to the T1 the main favorite, the German Andras Dreitz with the Italian Degasperi, in this group Xavier Torrades also leaves the water. And more than three minutes the Belgian Aernouts with Victor del Corral.

From the first km Dreitz imposes a strong rhythm, it hunts the triathletes who had gone before the water and becomes leader, arriving first at the T2, with 2 'advantage over the duo formed by the Danish Henrik Hyldelund and the Austrian Thomas Steger. The best Spanish in the T2 was Fidalgo to 5 'of the leader, in 6ª position. More delayed in 11ª, 12ª and 14ª position do Joan Nadal, Del Corral and Carlos López.

Dreitz comes out determined to maintain the advantage with a strong pace and mediated the sector at km 11km as soon as 30 has been trimmed. '' In second position went Steger to 1: 30 of the leader and after, to 4: 30 a trio formed by Aernouts, Fidalgo and Hyldelung.

Blunt victory for Dreitz, as is usual in him, breaking the bike race and maintaining the advantage without problems in the race on foot ... which wins by 3ª time in the 70.3 of Mallorca. After the second place with the best partial on foot for the Belgian Aernouts and closed the podium Steger. Fourth place for a great Miguel Ángel Fidalgo and eighth for Víctor del Corral who made a great comeback on foot.

Female competition

Regarding the women's competition, the Olympic champion Nicola Spirig was the first to reach T1, after her in less than 30 '' 4 more triathletes were interspersed, the Dutch Mirjam Weerd, the British Pallart and Comber, and a great Judith Corachán, who left only 20 '' in swimming against one of the best ITUs. For his part Gurutze Frades She comes out 13th out of the water 5 'behind the leader and a little further back does Helena Herrero.

Laura Philipp wins at IM 70.3 in Mallorca

Spirig started pedaling hard, (with the conventional road bike and no aero helmet) and in the first few kilometers he opened a small hole, as he passed by the km 15 is the leader, followed by Weerd to 47 '' and a sensational Judith Corachan to 56 '', who has run almost at the same speed as the Olympic champion in these 15km.

On the other hand Guru Frades with a conservative tactic passes the 14ª to 7 'of the leader. Spirig endured leader in the first half of the sector, but in the second, flatter and more favorable was advanced by Laura Philipp who arrived leader in the T2, with Spirig almost 4 '. A 6 'riding on the bike was made by the German Natascha Schmitt. On the other hand Guru arrived 10ª to more of 13 '.

In the race on foot, the main favorites do not undergo significant changes, if there are cuts of time but that do not affect the classification. Whoever came back from several positions was Guru Frades, the Basque came out strong with a first km to 3'45 '', soon 9ª was placed and around the 7 km was placed in 8ª square ... cutting the 7ª. Without changes on the podium, Philip wins the victory, second place for the Spirig, which reappeared after its hard fall in the WTS and competing with the conventional bike and third position for Schmitt. A great Gurutze Frades is 8ª, suffering a lot in the final km and being a few seconds away from the 6ª.

Finally, to mention that we are without news of Helena Herrero y Judith Corachán, it seems that they have had to leave in the cycling sector.

Photo: Ironman.com

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