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Anna González receives the Medal of Merit for Road Safety and the recognition of the ADESP

Anna González was awarded last November with the Road Safety Merit Medal in its bronze category with a blue emblem from the Ministry of the Interior and the Traffic Department for its involvement and commitment to the values ​​of road safety.

Anna González has received this Monday, the Medal of Merit for Road Safety for his work in favor of road safety of the cycling community through the initiative  #PorUnaLeyJusta.

This event was attended by the general director of the General Directorate of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano. The person in charge of the DGT stressed that it is “a pride” for his management to present this medal to Anna González. "Rarely had someone deserved it as much as she did," she said. In the delivery of the medal, the president of the RFEC, José Luís López Cerrón, was also present.

End of your work

González took advantage of the event to reiterate that once his initiative with the collected signatures is already in the Congress of Deputies, he will end his effort in favor of the cycling group to rest, reports the RFEC.

"This road ends today, because after so much time of struggle I am exhausted," said the honoree, who started the #PorUnaLeyJusta movement, with the aim of denouncing the file of the case against the truck driver who ran over her husband, Oscar, and was escaped without helping him.

With this initiative, the amendment of the new Penal Code and articles 142, which regulates reckless homicide, and article 195, which governs the omission of the duty to help, were requested.

More from 200.000 props

Through #PorUnaLeyJusta, more than 200.000 signatures were collected, which were presented in Congress so that parliamentary groups became aware of this need for legislative change. It is now in the commission phase, where the parties prepare the final text of this proposal.

This movement had a great support both popular and cycling professionals, who demand the need to find measures that penalize imprudent drivers, as well as guarantees of safety for cyclists.

Source: Efe / Photo RFEC

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