Antón Ruanova repeats success in the Azores triathlon

The compostelano Antón Ruanova returned to triumph in the Azores Islands. In the third edition of this test Ruanova was already among the favorites for the final triumph, although he was also in the list of protagonists his companion of the Arcade Inforhouse santiagués Brais Canosa. Other favorites were the Frenchmen Julien Leroy and Nico Alliot, and the Portuguese Tiago Maia.


It was precisely Maia the first athlete to complete the swim in the port of Ponta Delgada. Ruanova did it on his heels, taking out in this first phase a small advantage to the two French. The four triathletes formed the leading group during the twenty kilometers of cycling. Meanwhile, Brais Canosa lost a few seconds in the water that ultimately were decisive for the final development of the test.

The race on foot was going to decide the positions of honor. Ruanova started five kilometers behind the Frenchman Leroy, but it took him very little time to overtake him. The santiagués went for the victory. From behind Canosa began a chase that would leave him at the gates of triumph.

Thus, with a comfortable income to enjoy his success Anton Ruanova crossed the finish line of Ponta Delgada in the first place, repeating his triumph of last year.

A new victory for the triathlete compostelano that in the current sports course added his second international success after the one achieved in Poland in the month of August.

Canosa, meanwhile, was made at the end with the second place, confirming the good moment of the Arcade Inforhouse. Frenchman Alliot completed the podium ahead of Portuguese Maia. Ruanova closed the long season that began in South Africa.


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