Antón Ruanova launches a new podcast: 'Champions in underwear'

The world of triathlon continues to evolve and reach new audiences through various platforms.

On this occasion, the renowned Galician triathlete Anton Ruanova, embarks on a new adventure outside of competitions.

Ruanova, with an outstanding career both in the sports field and in training and coaching, presents her most recent project: the podcast “Champions in underwear”.

“Champions in underwear” is the title chosen by Ruanova for her foray into the world of podcasts, an initiative that seeks to explore the mentality of elite triathletes in an intimate and revealing way.

Ruanova himself describes the podcast as a space where guests can feel comfortable sharing their stories, challenges and triumphs, allowing listeners to discover what lies behind their achievements and how they have overcome difficult times.

The podcast premiered with a very special figure, Miriam Casillas, one of the most prominent Spanish triathletes of the moment and who is preparing for her third Olympic participation in Paris.

In the podcast “Champions in underwear”, Anton Ruanova y Miriam Casillas They explore in depth the complexities of the mentality of an elite athlete, using the lived example of Casillas, who combines his triathlon career with his medical profession.

They underline the importance of mental preparation, highlighting that in many cases this can be even more decisive than physical preparation in the field of elite competition.

Miriam distills her approach during competitions, where she focuses on short-term goals to stay present and overcome immediate challenges, complemented by a meticulous pre-competition routine that includes planning, visualizing the course, and reflectively writing down essential goals and thoughts.

This last practice, learned since childhood, serves to clarify decisions and thoughts, providing a useful framework for making transcendental decisions.

Post-competitive evaluation of your objectives and written reflections is crucial for your continued development, allowing you to identify areas of improvement beyond the results obtained.

Casillas redefines success in sport, valuing not only the results but how he approaches competitions and his preparation.

He highlights the emotional impact he can have on others as an athlete, considering it even more significant than his sporting achievements.

Despite facing adversity and injuries, his aspiration is to reach the next Olympic Games in optimal physical and mental condition.

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This inaugural interview offers a unique opportunity to understand how an athlete of her caliber mentally prepares for competitions, providing a rarely seen perspective into the world of triathlon.

Anton Ruanova It doesn't just stop at Casillas; He plans to talk with other relevant triathlon names such as Sara Pérez, Anna Godoy, 'Chente' Hernandez, and Nacho, Marlins coach, among others.

This podcast promises to be a window into the experiences, strategies and personal philosophies of some of the greatest exponents of triathlon, both nationally and internationally.

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