Antonio Serrat second and Roberto Sánchez Mantecón third in the Bermuda Triathlon World Series

The victory has been for Vicent Luis

Today the penultimate appointment of the Triathlon World Series in Bermuda where we have been able to see a great show.

Many eyes were on the Norwegians Kristian Blummenfelt and Gustav Iden, recent IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN world champions.

I was also in the competition Mario MolaBut he hasn't had his day.

The first to come out of the water was Vicent Luis followed by 9 athletes in 10 seconds, in the first laps of the visiting segment a group was formed in the lead with 7 units trying to leave alone.

In this group were Luis, Schomburg, Vilaca, Furuya, Westermann, Yoshikawa and Devay.

They finally managed to maintain their sale to reach T2 with a difference of 44 seconds over the chasing group with Blummenfelt in the lead and with the rest of the favorites and with Antonio Serrat and Roberto Sanchez among them.

In this segment Mario Mola withdrew from the test

In the first lap of the running segment, 4 triathletes stayed together, Schomburg, Luis, Vilaca and Devay. The chasing group with Antonio Serrat in the lead passed 28 seconds behind the lead.

Little by little Luis increased his pace to manage to leave alone to go through the second lap alone with Antonio Serrat at 17 seconds. At 34 seconds Blummenfelt passed leading another group with Yee and Iden in the lead.

On the last lap the difference between Luis and Serrat was only 10 seconds and 14 over Geens. Roberto Sánchez was fourth at 21 seconds and fifth was Yee leading the Blummenfelt group.

Finally Vicent Luis managed to maintain his lead to claim victory with a time of 1:49:37

Antonio Serrat it was second (1: 49: 45) and Roberto Sánchez third (1:49:54) getting his best position in a World Series.

Men's 10 Top

Position Athlete Country Time
1 # 4 Vincent Luis  FRA 1:49:37
2 # 6 Antonio Serrat Seoane  ESP 01:49:45
3 # 24 Roberto Sanchez Mantecón  ESP 01:49:54
4 # 1 Jelle Geens  BEL 01:49:59
5 # 2 Alex Yee  GBR 01:50:04
6 # 51 Kristian Blummenfelt  NOR 01:50:06
7 # 5 Lasse Lührs  GER 01:50:12
8 # 9 Bence Bicsák  HUN 01:50:14
9 # 54 Gustav Iden  NOR 01:50:15
10 # 12 Tom Richard  FRA 01:50:16

There are no previous results.

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