Take advantage of the “Early Entry” to IRONMAN Portugal and enjoy unique benefits 

Cascais, a jewel on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, is already preparing to welcome triathletes from all over the world for the next edition of the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais. 

The test, which will be held on October 19, 2024, will be quite a spectacle in one of the best tests on the European circuit. 


The competition begins with a stage of 3.8 km swim in Cascais Bay, Known for its calm waters and stunning views.  

Participants will swim in a unique circuit, starting from Praia da Ribeira and arriving in front of the Fortress at the Clube Naval. 

In October, the water temperature varies between 17 and 19 degrees Celsius, offering ideal conditions for swimmers. 

El cycling segment, 180 km, It is perhaps the most spectacular.  

Athletes will cover a circuit twice that offers stunning views of the Portuguese Riviera and Guincho Beach, as well as the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.  

A notable point is the lap at the Estoril Formula 1 Circuit, a unique feature in the world of IRONMAN. The route, with a cumulative elevation gain of 1400 meters, promises to be an exciting and visually impressive challenge. 

The race on foot, three loops, takes athletes along the coast to Cabo Raso and back to the heart of Cascais.  

Known for strong spectator support, especially at Cascais Marina, this segment is both challenging and energizing. 

Benefits of early registration  

For those who register before January 24, 2024, the IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais offers significant benefits. 

 These include the ability to defer your entry to the 2025 event at no additional cost, a three-part payment plan, and the option to transfer your entry to another IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 event in the region in 2024 without additional fees. 

Our Mill  Description 
Free Deferment Program  Athletes who register before January 24, 2024 can defer their registration to the 2025 event at no additional cost. The postponement request will be accepted up to 45 days before race day 2024, regardless of the reason. The deferral can only be used once. 
Payment Plan in Three Parts  Athletes who register before January 24, 2024 can opt for a payment plan divided into three equal installments, based on current pricing. To choose this option, they must select it on the payment page during online registration. 
Transfer at no cost  Athletes can transfer their registration to any IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 event available in the same region, within 2024, without additional fees. If you transfer to a higher priced event, the difference must be paid. If it is of a lower price, the difference is not refunded. 
Partial Registration Refund  In the event of athlete withdrawal, the 2024 entry fee, less initial processing fees, will be refunded at a specified rate. 

 Cascais city 

Cascais is not just a sports destination; It is a place full of history and beauty. From historical monuments to palaces and fortresses, it offers a rich tourist experience for the athletes' companions.

The city, with its authentic Portuguese coastal charm, is a perfect place to explore before and after the competition. 


Philip Gonçalves, a previous participant, describes his experience at IRONMAN Portugal-Cascais as unforgettable: “From the chills of hearing the national anthem before the start, to the unwavering support of the crowd, and the indescribable excitement of seeing your family as you cross the finish line. There's no place I'd rather run. " 

More information on the official page https://www.ironman.com/im-cascais  

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