The biggest national triathlon circuit, WILD WOLF TRIATHLON SERIES BY POLAR, kicks off

Yesterday in Barcelona, ​​the largest national triathlon circuit was presented, the Wild Wolf Triathlon Series By Polar. A circuit comprising 5 triathlons that will be carried out andn Madrid, Andorra, Castellón, Barcelona and A Coruña.

Xavier Amador, Manager of the Institut Barcelona d'Esports has confirmed that the Barcelona brand is fostered by collaborating in events like this one. “We believe in sport and that is why we must support it. The Wild Wolf Triathlon Series by Polar passes through Barcelona and we want to encourage all athletes to overcome their personal challenges in events like this one, and in our city it is a good opportunity to carry it out ”.

Triathlon Series was born with the philosophy of bringing triathlon closer to all lovers of this sport, regardless of their level. Along these lines, Luis Genero, General Director of Win Sports Factory, affirms that triathlon is booming and is in very good health, “This year we are going to reach 8000 participants, which means an increase of 33% compared to last year, and we hope to reach 10.000 next year. In addition, the Wild Wolf Triathlon Series By Polar it is the one that brings together the most popular participants, 70%, compared to 30% of federation. "

Wild Wolf's communication director, Tiste Orozco, was surprised about his product but confirmed that this drink for athletes, which will be on the market very soon, supports projects like this circuit because “they help those who share the spirit of the brand to strive to exceed their objectives and reach new goals ”.

Likewise, the General Director of Polar Ibérica, Manuel Lafora, affirmed that they sponsor this circuit because it is the largest in the country and the one that can reach the most people. "We are interested in that athletes can live our experience and thus be in direct contact with the consumer", Manuel commented.

The Andorra Tourism coach, Roger Pie and the elite athletes, Marcel Zamora, Xavi Llobet, Virginia Berasategui, Alberto Parreño and Álvaro Bultó, have been present at the presentation to support this great 2012 triathlon party.

5 cities are the chosen ones

The Casa de Campo in Madrid will give the “honk” of departure on June 17th. One more year he will dress up to welcome the hundreds of triathletes who will compete on the same stage that each year welcomes the best triathletes in the world during the celebration of the World Triathlon Series.

Without overlooking one of the hallmarks of the circuit, it is time for Castellón (July 8). As in previous years, it will pass along the promenade, a completely flat and ideal route for all those who want to improve their marks or make their debut in this sport.

Two weeks later (July 22), the one that is becoming one of the mythical venues of Wild Wolf Triathlon Series By Polar appears: El Puerto Olímpico de Barcelona. Thousands of people will gather in the capital city, and may also hold an aquathlon.

Days later, the Triathlon Series will travel to Andorra for the first time. This being a unique triathlon where the participants will swim in a high mountain reservoir and then climb the mythical port of Comella in the cycling segment and end the tour with a foot race through the streets of the city.

Galicia, the birthplace of great international triathletes such as Iván Raña and Javier Gómez Noya, will become the venue for the last test of the circuit (A Coruña, September 2).

In addition to enjoying the largest national triathlon circuit, each of these venues will have an Expo area that will bring together professionals from the sector offering the best brands on the market to athletes and visitors who attend this great event.

Calendar and cities

  • Madrid: June 17
  • Castellón: July 8
  • Barcelona: July 22
  • Andorra: 29 for July
  • A Coruña: September 9

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