Ashleigh Gentle wins the T100 Singapore

Yesterday the second circuit event was held in Singapore T100 Triathlon of the PTO with heat and humidity as protagonists.

Ashleigh Gentle, had to work hard in the running race to close the gap of 5 minutes and 33 seconds with respect to Lucy Charles and Visser to take the victory.

In the swimming, Charles-Barclay came out on top, along with Rebecca Clarke and Lucy Buckingham, to stay ahead in the cycling segment.

In cycling, Gentle began to close the gap to reach T2 with more than 5 minutes of difference with respect to the leaders of the test.

In the Gentle foot race, she closed the gap to finally catch up with Lucy Charles-Barclay in an exciting finish, achieving victory with a time of 3:44:23.

Charles-Barclay and Els Visser, who surprisingly completed the podium, also showed memorable performances.

The 33-year-old Australian said after her victory: “The truth is that it seems a little surreal to me. She surprised me a little, but I'm obviously very happy. It's very different.

 Last year I found my rhythm and I felt very comfortable and strong, while this year has been very hard, it has been very difficult.

 So the same result, but the sensations of getting that result are so different that it's one of those things where you have to persevere no matter what circumstances you're in and how you feel, and I'm so glad I was able to maintain composure and continue to perform at a very high level".

Top 5 female

Position Athlete Nationality Total time
1 Ashleigh Gentle Australia 3:44:23
2 Lucy Charles-Barclay United Kingdom 3:45:58
3 Els Visser Netherlands 3:51:38
4 Amelia Watkinson New Zealand 3:52:03
5 lucy buckingham United Kingdom 3:52:10


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