Ashleigh Gentle wins the PTO Asian Open. Sara Perez 7th

In an exciting competition that closed out the PTO's season of big tests, the PTO Asian Open in Singapore was the scene of an unforgettable race.

Ashleigh Gentle was crowned champion, while the Spanish Sara Perez achieved an outstanding seventh position.

The competition started with Sara Perez leading the first 2K swim, closely followed by Lucy Charles

In the cycling segment, the Australian Ashleigh Gentle he began to climb positions and at kilometer 33 he took the lead. the german Anne Haug she also made progress, but suffered technical problems that set her back a race-defining 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

As for the foot race, Gentle He maintained his leadership by getting the third victory in the test with a time of 3:41:16.

Anne Haug, with a great comeback, finished in second position with a time of 3:43:31, followed by the world champion IM Chelsea Sodaro, who completed the race in 3:45:16.

Sara Perez He had an outstanding performance, leading the swimming and the first 30 kilometers of the cycling segment.


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Top 10 female

Position Athlete Time Award
1 Ashleigh Gentle 3:41:16 $100,000
2 Anne Haug 3:43:31 $50,000
3 Chelsea Sodaro 3:45:16 $35,000
4 Imogen Simmonds 3:46:20 $20,000
5 Lucy Charles-Barclay 3:47:05 $14,000
6 Amelia Watkinson 3:48:10 $10,000
7 Sara Pérez Sala 3:49:30 $8,500
8 Radka Kahlefeldt 3:50:45 $8,000
9 Sarah True 3:51:55 $7,500
10 Jocelyn McCauley 3:53:10 $7,000

Despite a thirty second penalty for a minor infraction, he achieved his goal of being in the TOP10 with a seventh place.

Tomorrow will be the turn of the male test.

There are no previous results.

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