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FETRI 2020 Calendar

The Delegate Commission of FETRI has approved the dates of a good part of the calendar

The FETRI competition calendar in 2020 pwill present important news compared to the last few years, incorporating offices such as Sierra Nevada or Bilbao, and including cities that return to the scene like Alcobendas, Valladolid o Almazan.

Numanciain Garray, Soria, Aviles, Roquetas de Mar, Eagles, Salamanca, Banyoles and A Coruña will continue for another year to host the Spanish Championships in different modalities.

The Delegate Committee of FETRI has approved the dates of the calendar, after the report of the Sports Committee.

FETRI 2020 Triathlon Calendar

Championship Date The venue
Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship 11/01/2020 Sierra Nevada (Granada)
Spanish Duathlon Championship by Clubs 29/02/2020 Alcobendas (Madrid)
Spanish Duathlon Championship Mixed Relay 01/03/2020 Alcobendas (Madrid)
Duathlon European Championship 07/03/2020 Punta Umbría (Huelva)
Junior and Elite Triathlon European Cup 15/03/2020 Huelva
Spanish Middle Distance Duathlon Championship 22/03/2020 Garray (Soria)
Triathlon European Cup 15/03/2020 Melilla
Spanish Duathlon Championship 04/04/2020 Soria
CRE Duathlon Spanish Championship 18/04/2020 Avilés (Asturias)
Spanish Duathlon Relay Championship. 19/04/2020 Avilés (Asturias)
Spanish SuperSprint Triathlon Championship 9/05/2020 Castelldefels
Spanish Relay Couples Triathlon Championship 9/05/2020 Castelldefels
Spanish Triathlon Team Championship 23/05/2020 Roquetas de Mar (Almería)
Spanish Club and Mixed Relay Championship 06/06/2020 A Coruña
Spanish Sprint Triathlon Championship 20/06/2020 Eagles (Murcia)
Aquathlon Spanish Championship 21/06/2020 Eagles (Murcia)
Spanish Long Distance Triathlon Championship 28/06/2020 Salamanca
Trialton Cross Spanish Championship 04/07/2020 Almazán (Soria)
Duathlon Cross Spanish Championship 05/07/2020 Almazán (Soria)
Spanish Triathlon Championship by Autonomies 12/07/2020 Valladolid
Spanish Olympic Triathlon Championship 05/09/2019 Banyoles (Girona)
Spain Middle Distance Triathlon Championship 03/10/2020 Bilbao

The CSpanish triathlon championship for Mixed Clubs and Relay in A Coruña it already has a date, June 6 and 7, closing the National League of Triathlon Clubs which will start in Castelldefels with the Spanish championship of SuperSprint Triathlon by Clubs and Relays / Couples May's 9 and 10.

The third and fourth days of the league will be played in the King and Queen Triathlon Cupand Spanish Triathlon Relay Championship, in Roquetas de Mar, the May 23 and 24.

Eagles will host Spanish Triathlon Championships Sprint, Aquathlon and Paratriathlon June 20 and 21. Banyoles, on September 5 and 6, will be the headquarters of the national Olympic distance triathlon.

Salamanca, on June 28, and Bilbao, on October 3, will host the Spanish championships of Long Distance and Medium Distance Triathlon respectively.

The national titles of Cros Duathlon and Cros Triathlon will be put into play in Almazán on July 4 and 5, and the Spanish championship of Triathlon for Autonomies and School Age It will be held in Valladolid on July 11 and 12.

The FETRI season will start on January 11 with the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship to be held in Sierra Nevada.

Duathlon Qualifiers

The qualifiers for the Spanish Duathlon Championship in Soria they will start on February 2 with the Duathlon of Oviedo, which will also be a selection test for the European Championship of Duathlon in Punta Umbría that will be held just over a month later.

Places can also be obtained in Berlanga de Duero, the February 8; Eagles, the February 16; Poio, the February 23; Tomelloso, the March 15; Y Peguera, Mallorca, the March 29.

The venue Date Test
Oviedo 02/02/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier
Berlanga de Duero 08/02/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier
Aguilas 16/02/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier
Poio 23/02/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier
Tomelloso 15/03/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier
Peguera 29/03/2020 Cpt Duathlon Qualifier

Triathlon qualifiers

They will be qualifying for the Spanish Triathlon Championship at Olympic distance in Banyoles The test of Melilla, the March 29; Tarazona, the May 30; Andratx, the May 31; Y Salamanca, on June 27, waiting to finalize two more qualifiers in the near future.

The venue Date Test
Melilla 29/03/2020 Olympic Triathlon Cpt Qualifier
Tarazona 30/05/2020 Olympic Triathlon Cpt Qualifier
Andratx 31/05/2020 Olympic Triathlon Cpt Qualifier
Salamanca 27/06/2020 Olympic Triathlon Cpt Qualifier

The Spanish and MD Triathlon Cup tests will also be announced shortly.

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