IRONMAN changes its competition regulations

HOMBRE DE HIERRO, the leading franchise in organizing triathlon events worldwide has updated its regulations for the year 2024 with some significant changes aimed at improving the competitive experience for athletes and spectators.

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These modifications highlight the organization's commitment to fair play and environmental sustainability.

One of the most notable changes is the prohibition of placing water bottles or hydration systems on the front of the competition suit to obtain aerodynamic advantages.

This practice, used by some athletes seeking to reduce seconds in the cycling segment, has been classified as an unfair advantage and, therefore, eliminated from the permitted strategies.

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Violators will face severe penalties, including disqualification from the competition.

Changes to the IRONMAN 2024 regulations

These are as a summary, the changes for this year 2024 in the franchise tests HOMBRE DE HIERRO

Regulatory Change Description Penalty
Prohibition of water bottles under the suit Placing water bottles or hydration systems on the front of the suit for aerodynamic advantages is prohibited. Declassification (DSQ)
Littering (Throwing waste outside authorized areas) Throwing waste outside designated areas is punished, promoting environmental sustainability. 5 minute penalty or disqualification (DSQ)
Prohibited positions on the bicycle (eggs and head on the handlebars) Any position on the bike other than having your butt sitting on the saddle on the downhills will be penalized. 30 to 60 second penalty
Use of protective screens, fuselages, fairings on the bicycle The use of devices added to the bicycle that reduce air resistance is not permitted. Declassification (DSQ)
Safety requirements for handlebars and stem The handlebars and stem must meet safety standards to prevent injuries. 30 to 60 second penalty
Regulations on zippers on competition clothing Zippers on competition clothing can be opened but must be zipped at the bottom at all times. 30 to 60 second penalty; DSQ if not remedied promptly

Furthermore, great emphasis has been placed on sustainability and respect for the competition environment.

The new regulation severely punishes the act of throwing waste outside designated areas (littering), reflecting the growing concern about the environmental impact of sporting events.

Athletes must use the disposal areas provided, under penalty of time penalties or disqualification.

Participant safety has also been a priority in this update.

Stricter rules have been specified regarding the bicycle equipment, especially with regard to the handlebars and stem, which must meet safety requirements to avoid injuries.

Likewise, it has clarified the rule on the use of zippers and clothing during the race, emphasizing the need to keep clothing properly fastened to avoid penalties.

These regulations are a step forward towards a fairer, safer and more environmentally responsible triathlon.

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